October 05, 2011


I couldn't help it. 
I have waited for years to title a blog post with that one simple word.
Its a fun word to say.
Foo foo.
I love to say them all.

And lately I am in the mood to just cut loose and speak freely without worrying what others think.
So there.
Vag.Vagina.Vajayjay.Foo foo.Vag. Vagina.Vajayjay.Foo foo.Vag.Vagina.Vajayjay.Foo foo.

My husband and I are currently having a disagreement about something.
It has kept us up at night because we just cannot agree.
OK, maybe not.  But every Monday night while watching Dancing with the Stars we have many heated discussions where I tell him that he is so close minded and old fashioned and he tells me I should have taken more biology classes.

Our heated discussions arguments are about Chaz Bono.
Who used to go by the name Chastity Bono.
I think he has done everything except change the....umm....foo foo.

So technically Chaz talks like a male, looks like a male, has the mannerisms of a male, has the boobs of a man and most importantly feels male.....but still has a vajayjay of some sort.
Apparently the hormones change the look of it.
Google it if you are curious.

So my question is this.
If you still have the female reproductive parts, can you be considered a male?
I say yes.

If you agree with me I will love you forever.
And maybe I will even send you some of these.
Embrace the foofoo!

While youre agreeing with me, please include your special names for vaginas.
Just because it's funny.


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Anonymous said...


And I think Chaz is biologically a woman and always will be... S/he looks like a man now, but money can't change the chromosomes that make her a female.

Kat said...

If you take simply his DNA it would come up as female. Either way, I think it must be very difficult for people who believe they were born wrong. I personally don't believe God makes mistakes, but in order to love him as God tells us we must have sympathy for him. A friend of mine has a close nephew who was born a girl. It is a struggle for him/her right now. Really, more than judge we should just love on them.

Evonne said...

I think biologically Chaz is a woman, but I do consider him a man. I have a friend who was born male but is in the process of becoming a woman. She might not have all the parts yet, but I consider her a woman.

Vajayjay - it's just fun to say. I actually had to explain that term to my husband a few weeks ago.

Mommy Lisa said...

You have to respect a person's right to be a man - even with a "VG" as we call it.

adventuresindinner said...

We say hoohaa in this house as in "When I gave birth I had 60 stitches holding my hoohaa together" and I think that you are very, very right :)

Dance Chaz, Dance.

Tracy @nystoopmama said...

I agree with Mommy Lisa: it's ballsy for people to DISAGREE with Chaz when he says he's a man. If he feels like his body and mind embody that of a male, so be it. You have to respect it. The whole hoopla over Dancing with the Stars baffles me: people need to chill OUT and worry about themselves.

Poonanny! Hooha! Puss! (Not to be confused with pus. EWW!!) ;)

Alison said...

I think of Chaz as a man. He sees himself as a man, he looks like a man, he acts like a man-so he's a man. I don't think it matters that he was born a female-he always felt like a man so that's what we should all consider him. I don't understand why some people are so mean and nasty about him. It's his life, not yours, people, so get over it! Close-minded people bother me. And in my house, we call it a vag.

Miss Marina Star said...

I am in agreement with you. I think that he is a man, regardless of whether he's pre- or post-op.

And I've always called it a hoochie-malachie...although I've never had to spell it out before!

Kristin @ What She Said said...

I suppose technically he's still female, but I think of him as a man and respect his decision to be identified as one. My husband, like yours however, disagrees. Men - they're very protective of their penises, aren't they?

I personally love 'va-jay-jay' and 'hooha'. But I'm determined to teach my daughter the proper term of 'vagina.' I don't really know why.

Jen said...

I thought I read that he had the operation and had all the female parts removed.

Who knows and better yet, who cares. He/She can be whatever he/she wants.

Jenners said...

I don't know exactly what Chaz had done but he really does look like a man now. Hats off to him for being so open about this and following his needs.