October 04, 2011

I Need More Happy Pills to Survive the Next 10-15 years

Because I feel the need to share every stinkin detail about my life on this ol' blog, I must tell you that apparently I am the worst Mother in the world.

My kids tell me this often, and, because I am so mentally f^%$ed up, I am starting to believe it.

Parenting can suck it.

The reason I am such a horrible person is because I have not allowed my 9 and 7 year old babies to start up their own facebook account. I have not allowed them to be introduced to an open forum for weirdos and bullies and stalkers. I have not allowed them to spend hours upon hours wasting their time. And, most importantly, I have not allowed them to see what their Mother talks about.

Another reason they want me to eat rocks is because they do not have an Ipod Touch, their own laptop and a TV in their room. Excuse me while I go make myself barf in the toilet because I am about to sound old, but I never had any of those items when I was 16, never mind 9 or 7 years old.

The kicker is that all of their friends have these expensive gadgets.

Yes, I will say it again.

All of their friends have these frickin expensive gadgets.

Have I been living in a bubble or is the Universe going to Hell because I just cannot believe what I am finding out as I meet my kids friends??
Did all of my kids friends parents win the lottery so they could afford this shit?
Did I miss the memo that the stores were giving away free electronics to young children who cant even wipe their own ass yet?

Someone fill me in.
And then tell me what I should do because this parenting crap gets harder and harder every year.

Go ahead.

Maybe this gal has the answer


Gigi said...

You can't possibly have the Meanest Mom of The Year Award because that sucker is MINE!

I wish I knew what to tell you about allowing or not allowing some of this stuff....but all I can say is this - if you do allow some of it, be prepared to monitor to like crazy.

I have a feeling that as hard as our parents thought parenting was, we have it MUCH harder....they didn't have to deal with this stuff.

Foursons said...

I know you read my thread on FB. I give my boys the option of having a birthday party or the money I would spend on a birthday party to buy a more expensive gift. I come out pretty even either way, but if they choose the gift it is a lot less stress and hassle for me.

This year they both chose the gift. Nolan picked a 3D DS and Jakob wants an IPOD touch. I got lucky with the DS because the price dropped significantly right before I bought it and I just didn't tell Nolan that I saved some money. I won't save money with Jakob- only time and energy. Which is pretty valuable in my book.

That being said- they do not have their own computer (to share or otherwise) and they do not have a TV in their room. They do have one in the playroom.

And my kids want all the same things because their friends have it. I simply can't afford it either. In fact,I told them this Christmas I am giving them a price limit and if one gift takes up all their money then that is all they get. I'm still trying to figure out the Santa thing though. Nolan is under the impression he'll get a laptop from Santa. *sigh*

Maybe we should start a Mean Mom Club.

Kelly said...

I'd be in your club. My kid has no handheld devices, no iPod period, and he has a TV in his room but he can only use it to watch movies when his little buddies are over.

They all want what others have. I tell mine to go ride his bike when he starts complaining. It reminds him he loves bike riding, and I don't have to hear him whine. ;)

Elaine A. said...

I honestly think it's because we live in a smaller town (in the U.S.) that a lot of my kids' friends don't have all this stuff yet.

But I know it's coming eventually My kids will NEVER have a t.v. in their room though. Only over my dead, cold body.

(they do play Angry Birds on MY phone on occasion and even that makes me shudder sometimes...)

Jenners said...

I hear you!! There are 7 years old walking around with their cell phone here … and apparently everyone has a TV in their own room, which I will never ever allow in a million years. It can be difficult.