November 01, 2011

All I wanted to do was get in my jammies and watch DWTS

But,instead I did the good parent thing and walked around with my children in the dark, cold neighbourhood which isn't really even our neighbourhood because we live in the country and are surrounded by senior citizens.

But anyways.

We survived a 20 minute freak out session because Princess didn't want to wear pants and a warm shirt under her costume.
Then she hated the feeling of the turtleneck shirt.
Then she hated socks.
Then she rolled up her pants so they were like shorts.
Then she refused a coat/vest or any other item of clothing that could possibly keep her warm in the cold.

3 year olds are a real treat.

Rowdy insisted on applying his own zombie makeup.
I had a problem with this.
Note to self. Allow children to grow up and develop independence. It is OK if it doesn't look perfect.
But there were a few smudges in the wrong spot that I wanted to fix all evening.
And I might have gotten the shakes because I couldn't do it.

I have issues.
Note to self. Call counsellor. It is a time for a session.

Messy went trick or treating with his friend (and his Mom).
He ditched us for a kid who wears baseball caps backwards and lets the top of his boxers hang out the waist of his jeans.
And his mom.
I am totally and completely saddened by the recent turn of events.
Recent turn of events=my children growing up.

Damn you life.
I do not adjust well to change.
Especially when it feels like just yesterday that we were carrying a small Minnie Mouse, skunk and Mickey Mouse to the grandparents house for just one candy.

Note to self. Do not lock children in the basement because they will still grow up.
Call counsellor ASAP.
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Gigi said...

They all look fabulous! And yeah, I would have gotten the shakes about wanting to make the makeup perfect too.

And, I have also considered locking mine up in the attic to keep him from growing up anymore.

Hmmmm, think the counselor will cut us a break on the cost if we share an appointment?

Jen said...

They all look so cool! :-)

Dara Dokas said...

I totally get not wanting them to grow up! Mine is 13 now and I can barely stand it. Your kids look fabulous, by the way. And the Zombie makeup works!

OneMommy said...

Love the 3 yr. old's costume - sorry she was a little difficult putting on warm clothes... I had a 2 yr. old like that this year!

Heatherlyn said...

Your kids looked great! I love that he did his own makeup. My girls did their own makeup for a zombie dance party they were invited to. It didn't look that great but they were happy with it! I love Princess's fit. Well, because none of my kids threw fits about that particular issue but I can totally relate to a child getting an idea--a ridiculous idea--and then standing firm. It makes life so much more exciting! And dang it they grow up! My oldest daughter went trick-or-treating/to a party with friends. This was the first year she did so, and she's 13 so that means the last year of trick-or-treating. They grow up way too quickly.

Jenners said...

The zombie costume totally rocks! And I love Princess's poses! And I bet it was hard to let the Doctor go out without mama. Sigh.