October 31, 2011

Halloween Randomness

Parenting Fail. We did not purchase or pick a pumpkin this year. Which means we did not create a jack-o-lantern. Which means we are terrible parents and have probably scarred our children for life.

I did, however, purchase Halloween candy and have hid it from my children so I can eat it all myself. This means that I am a horrible, selfish parent who only thinks of herself first.


Things that scare me
-amusement park characters with big scary heads.
-rodents of any kind

Things that scare Studley
-his own farts

Confession. I do not enjoy going out trick or treating with my kids. It is dark and cold and so much friggin work and money. Sometimes I think I could just buy them each a box of candy and call it a night. But that would make me a horrible parent and scar my children for life.

Parenting is a never ending guilt-fest.

Oldest child is going trick or treating with his friend (and his mom) tonight. I am completely heartbroken that he would rather be with his friend than his own mom, dad and siblings

Think I could change his mind if I bought him a pumpkin and two boxes of candy?


Watch this video and tell me if you can spot the ghost. Turn up the volume though so you can hear the clues.


Jennifer said...

Yeah, I already know about that video. No thanks. I don't need to pee my pants at work.

Heatherlyn said...

My husband always takes the kids trick-or-treating. It is usually way too cold for me plus someone has to be home to hand out candy. I think your children will NOT be scared for life. I think that there were as many years that my parents did not carve pumpkins with us when I was growing up as there were years that they did. As a teenager I think the thought crossed my mind that it was pretty lame of them to NOT carve pumpkins with us as we had to do it all ourselves. But I survived. Still love my parents. Have fun carving pumpkins as an adult with my own kids (who may or may not grow up to buy pumpkins for their own kids)! :)


Emily Hope said...

No worries - you can just impress them at Christmas.....or Disney! They won't even remember about Hallowe'en.

p.s. I am sure this video is one of those where some scary face jumps out at you? No thank you!!!! I was fooled by a Michael Jackson one - big mistake. I think I was scared even three days later.

Gigi said...

Nah, it takes more than that to scar them. Trust me.

Adrienne said...

....that's alright, i forgot to buy candy to hand out. driving home work, sure there was something i needed to do....then got a tweet with a pic of a kid in a costume....and remembered. it was too late!

Jen said...

Ok, I;ll admit it the video totally got me.