January 17, 2012

3 Years 9 months

..is the best age.
If I could freeze my children, I would at this exact age so I could keep them this way forever and ever.
They sleep, use the potty, have some independence, love Disney movies and most days are just 100% enjoyable and adorable.
But anyways.....

My daughter is this age.
She has a vivid imagination which allows her to play with all of her imaginary friends and even sometimes include her Mommy in on the fun.
She doesnt care how she looks when she gets dressed in the morning because, in her mind {and mine} she is the prettiest girl in the world.
As long as she has her hairband in her hair, she is a happy girl.
Everyday she learns something new and still gets excited about it.
She is a sponge, absorbing everything going on around her.
Even when her brothers use some inappropriate language, she takes it all in and then uses the terrible words in a totally nonsense way because she has no idea what it means.
I like it when they are still innocent.
Her personality is flourishing. Her vocabulary is stretching. She makes everyone around her laugh. She says "I love you too" when you tell her you love her.
I often find myself just looking at her, watching every move she makes.... ...etching it into my brain, so I never, ever forget this age. 3 years 9 months.


Gigi said...

I remember that age....it was sublime. Too bad it doesn't last longer.

Michelle said...

That was an awesome age. Enjoy it because they leave it quickly.

Jen said...

The triplets are 4 and I totally agree with you... this is a great age.

Jenners said...

She is such a cutie and hoot!