January 26, 2012

In The Winter.....

Dirty Vehicles Sit
Naked Trees Sit
Dead Grass Sits
Old Man Studley Sits
Snowy Swings Sit
Well-Used Toys Sit
Much Loved Tractors Sit

In The Winter, not much happens around these parts.
We just sit.
And wait for nicer weather.
The End
*I dislike winter.  Alot.  I would like to get a job in Florida.  A high paying, low-stress job in a warmer climate where I can never, ever experience snow and freezing rain again.
Please and thank you*

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Gigi said...

Hmmmm, seems like I just sit too during the winter. And it's not like we have a lot of snow to blame either.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no! : ( This made winter seem positively dismal. Just think, Spring is on the way!

Lolli said...

LOL! I agree with you 100%. I am not a winter lover. I would much rather have the sunny California weather of my youth. Beautiful photos!!

Jenners said...

Winter is for sitting -- I agree!

SarahinSC said...

So true, so true! I grew up in SD and now live in SC. I'm very happy to not have to face much winter at all. Sometimes though, 75 in the winter is just too warm!

patty said...

Great shots! Love the soccer ball & swing especially! Visiting from my chaos/my bliss~
patty@ http://findingserendipity.com

Kelli said...

I am right there with ya! Oh, to be in sunny Florida...sigh.

Jennifer said...

I hate winter too. It was 38 this morning and it ticked me off.

Run DMT said...

What great shots! I'm not a fan of cold snowy days because I don't like sitting or being stuck in doors. I need my sun! I don't do cold. :-P

Are you planning to link up for Kristi and Alicia's Winter Photo Challenge? Your photos are perfect for the first week's challenge "Solitude". I'm still trying to think of something that symbolizes solitude and winter in FL. Talk about a challenge! lol You should link up because there's prizes! :-)

Here's the information about the challenge. It starts next Friday.

Anonymous said...

yes sitting is what I do a lot of in the winter too, especially when it is super cold outside!

Foursons said...

Oh, you could move here! Our temps were in the 60's today. It was GORGEOUS outside!