February 13, 2012


Excuse me while I have a moment.
Or two.
Or three.

My oldest child is 10 years old today.
That means he will never again be a single digit age.
That means he is closer to being a teenager than he is an infant.
That means he is closer to being an adult....
...which means he will be moving out...
...getting married...
...and having children.
That means I am old.
And so, so sad at time, and how it seems to go so fast.
I am having a very hard time with this.
I remember the moment I found out he was created...
...the moment I felt him kick.
The moment I saw him for the first time.
When he screamed for 3 hours straight and we thought about sending him back.
I remember his chubby little legs and very large feet.
I remember his big, bright eyes.
His thick hair.
His first freckle.
I remember when he said the word "fuck" over and over again because he really meant "truck".
I remember when he met his baby brother and sister for the very first time.
His first day of school.
Tae Kwon Do.
Day Camp.

I remember when he was obsessed with vaccuums.
And Disney movies.
And Lego.

I am having a very hard time with this.

My boy is 10 today.
The boy who made all my dreams come true.
The boy who created the life that I was meant to live.
He has my heart.
No matter how old he is.
Even when he is a teenager, adult, married with kids and a grandparent.
My heart is his.

Happy Birthday Messy!


Adrienne said...

My "baby" boy turns 22 today! Ten was so fun...still so many remnants of the little boy that snuck out when he wasn't paying attention to acting grown up. Each stage and age is wonderful and carries with it great change and opportunity and growth in our relationship with them...I wouldn't trade a minute!(my post's a bday post today too!!)This is a great collection of shots!

Jenners said...

Weird how these kids get older and older! They need to stop that! I am in love with that baby photo! Adorable!!

Gigi said...

Awww! This post made me tear up!

I miss ten. The years 12-14, not so much, but 10 was good.

Happy birthday to your "baby."

T.J. said...

This is suck a sweet sweet post. My oldest is only 3.5, but oh I know the age monster is coming- he came for me and turned me 35 this fall argh- and there's nothing I can do to stop it but cherish my boy.

Thanks for this :)