February 05, 2012

The World's Best Salad

I have never been one to eat alot of salads.
But when I find one I like, I could eat it every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cobb Salad has always been one of my besties in the salad friend department.

But I decided to make a few, very small changes to make it my own and, if I do say so myself, it is really frickin good.


And the fact that it is easy, makes it even more special to me.

So here goes.
Try to keep up because it has all of, umm...barely any steps.

First, get out a frying pan and fry up some turkey bacon.
Healthy, I know.

While you're frying up the bacon, you can boil a few eggs.
And fry up some chicken. I used the pre-chopped, frozen chicken, but you could use any chicken you choose.
Chicken breast.
Deli chicken.

When all is cooked, chop into small pieces and set aside.

Cut up spinach. 
Cut up tomatoes.
Cut up cucumber.
Shred some cheese.
You can even chop mushrooms/peppers/celery/ham.
Whatever floats your boat, as I like to say.

Line up each condiment on to your plate so it looks all pretty and rainbow-like in presentation.
Pretty also makes me happy.

Serve with any salad dressing.
My family likes Ranch or Thousand Island, but I would never judge if you chose something different, because I am nice like that.

And, if I may point out, sometimes it is fun to just put each condiment into a bowl and let your children go nuts and arrange their salad the way they choose on their plate.
They always eat spinach when they get to put it on their own plate.

Yay, for healthy, simple meals!!!

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Gigi said...

That does look yummy! But it has just a few too many steps for me to make; especially since I'm not allowed to use the knives.... I will pass it on to Hubby and have him make it.