February 03, 2012


1. The state or quality of being alone or remote from others.
2. A lonely or secluded place.
Winter, up here in the land full of igloos and Eskimos is the perfect representation of solitude. It is cold, dreary and somewhat depressing for folks like me who enjoy sun and warm weather.

Note to self.  Move someplace warm.

I want sun, heat and humidity every day of the year. I never want to wear socks, boots and fugly tuques ever again in my lifetime. I want to drink girly drinks on a deck beside a pool. I want sun kissed skin, tan lines and even more freckles.

But winter sure is beautiful.
And capturing solitude sure was fun.
Even though I had to wear socks, boots and a fugly tuque.

Poetic Winter Photography Challenge
This was fun.
Cant wait for next week!!!!!


Emily Hope said...

nice shots! we should have a take-pictures date.

Diane said...

Don't hate me but we've barely seen winter at all here in North Carolina. I always hope for at least one snow!

Great shots! :)

Tezzie said...

Am a fan of fugly tuques, myself ;) Very necessary in this part of the world, as well. Love that shot of the broken snow fence...fabulous!!!

alicia said...

You had me at note to self. lol. Being a former midwestern girl... I completely get it, but trust me on this one- you'll miss those photo ops! Thanks for sharing your white photos. I especially love that second capture!

Elaine A. said...

Did you see my post yesterday? ;)

BUT, you live in a beautiful place and if it weren't so dang cold up there I might consider moving...

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

It's brown here at the moment, but expecting white tomorrow!

Love your photos. Especially the fence. Fantastic! :)

satakieli said...

Lovely shots, the snow looks so pretty! Our snow has all melted and we're just left with ugly brown. I half wish it would just snow again to cover it all up! Except that would be too cold :)

Thanks for taking part in the Poetic Winter Challenge!

Saun said...

Love the first two shots....beautiful shots

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

We don't have it quite as cold as you do, here in small town Missouri. But, I'm dreaming of sun kissed skin, tan lines and even more freckles too! lol Love that last shot. :)

Thanks for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photo Challenge. If you haven't already downloaded the freebie texture over at my place, stop by and do so soon! Have a great weekend!

Cedar said...

I, too, sacrificed warmth and fashion to capture the beauty of snow...so worth it. Though we are now back to bare grounds again. Your shots are lovely!

Leslie said...

Nice captures!!

Jenners said...

Winter is a season for solitude. I think you did a great job!