February 06, 2012

Stuff That Happened in the Last 7 Days

*Bought Rowdy skates, a helmet and skate guards so he can spend a few hours skating with his class once. Total price for his happiness-$100+

*I fell down the stairs and spent the evening in the emergency room because I was convinced I broke my other foot. I didn't.

*Spent $17 on parking to find out my foot wasn't broken

*Tried to teach myself Photoshop. I failed big time.

*Celebrated the birth of my second born 8 years ago.

*Went through old photo albums.

*Cried because I used to be skinny.

*Cleaned out the linen closet.

*Wiped boogers off of many walls.

*Sang opera while cooking dinner. My kids love it.

*OK, they don't, but I love to.

*Read this book approximately 289 times.

*Took my kids to the Apple Store so we could play on an iPad for an hour for free. Totally loserish, I know.

*Wished someone would buy me an iPad.

*Wished I could be young and skinny again.

*Registered youngest child for Kindergarten.

*Thought about having another baby to ease the pain of all three children being in school full time.


Kathryn Caldwell said...

Sounds like you had a full week! And I am totally taking that idea about going to the Apple Store. Maybe it will convince my hubby to just buy me one!

Gigi said...

What a busy momma you've been. Stop falling down stairs, that's an order.

Jenners said...

Yikers. Hold onto the hand rail, silly!!! And three kids in school at the same time is supposed to equal joy and happiness and peace and relaxation. It is a GOOD THING!!

Heatherlyn said...

Wow, your youngest will be in kindergarten? That happened fast. In about 2 years when she is in first grade you will totally miss your kids ... and you will completely enjoy a little bit of space to breathe. :)

Foursons said...

Princess is starting Kinder in the fall?! Say it ain't so! Grab them all, lock them in the house, and tell them they're never allowed to leave ever again.