March 05, 2012

Because I am their Mother

I read my son's email.
Their love letters.
And anything else that is left laying around that they probably dont want me to see.
Because I am their Mother and if it wasnt for me, they wouldnt be here.

That gives me the right to be in their business at all times.

When they asked for an email account, I said yes.
But only if I knew the password.
I check it often.
Because I am their Mother.

When they leave papers laying around that say this, I read them.
Then put them back where I found them.
Unless I feel it is necessary to discuss with them.
Because I am their Mother.

When my sons tell me they have a girlfriend, I roll my eyes.
I tell them they are too young to like girls.
And that the only girl they should love at the age of 10 is me.
Because I am their Mother.

When my children own iPods/computers or any other gadget that involves personal information and social media, I will know every single password.
I will check their stuff regularly.
Or they will not be allowed to use it.
Because I am their Mother.

I helped create them so I have the right to be in their business at all times.

I will not allow my children to be be feel desperate for love and attention.
I will be open with them.
Available for discussion no matter how uncomfortable the subject is. *cough*
I will explain.
And answer.
I will love them unconditionally no matter what they say/do/write/type.
Because I am their Mother.


My Heart said...

Me children know right up front...we look through stuff together. texts on their cell phone, emails...we discuss it...random checks...they know it is not that I don't trust them but that as their parents there are no secrets...I have told them they are more than welcome to do a random check on my email and texts too... ha ha ha

Gigi said...

Good for you! Too bad other parents aren't as vigilant.

Foursons said...

Who in the world does a 10 year old have to email? I can't imagine they have a whole lot to say. Good for you for staying on top of them.

Heatherlyn said...

I love this post! It's the best! And yes my 10 year-old has email and she wants her own blog! And she thinks that she needs a phone so that she can text just like her teen-aged brother and sister do. Who would she text anyway? I keep all my kids' passwords. I check things on occasion. I give them space. But, of course, as their mother I like to know what is going on so that I know what is most important to them, their mindset, and how I can best teach and help them at the moment.

Jenners said...

I'm surprised that 10 year olds even e-mail to be honest! But I applaud you … I plan on being all up in my son's business as well.

Hilary Lane said...

It's too bad there aren't more mothers out there like you!

Anonymous said...
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