March 26, 2012


Prepare yourselves.
I am PMSing big time.
You might want to sit down.

*I am frustrated. Frustrated at myself for being frustrated because I said I wouldn't be this way. I started this blog as a way to document our lives. As a way to express myself through words and photos. But I feel like I am currently stale. My readership isn't growing and I find myself getting upset about this.


I enjoy comments. I enjoy knowing that people love or hate my stuff. Criticism or appreciation. I just need to know that it is all being read or I might just go private.

Bitchy of me? Maybe.
Remember, I am PMSing........

Lets move on.

*A conversation with my daughter.
"Mom,I have to go poo again"
"Oh no, do you have an upset tummy?"
"No. I have an upset bum."

*Random pic of daughter and I coming out of a poo-smelling Porta-potty, just because we are talking about bums and poop.

You're welcome.

*Speaking of poop, oldest child recently said his speech in front of his class.  $10 to the person who guesses the topic....or maybe just a shoutout on the blog.  I had an upset tummy all day because it totally brought me back to my childhood speech days.
I hated standing in front of the class.
My husband, on the other hand, always won speech competitions.

*Middle child was sick with anxiety and stress for 2 weeks leading up to a math test.
Test results.....second highest mark in class.

*Heard this song recently.
I remembered every single word and sang along to it just like I did as a teen.
Rock on.

Then I felt the need to hear this song.
I still love it.
You should too.

And this one.
Party on Dude.

*I have been exercising more.  Even running.
Every muscle/tissue/ligament/bone in my body hurts.
I'm old.

*When I go the gym,I always choose locker #69.
Lets discuss this weird behaviour of mine.

*Random picture of Smokey the barn cat just because I enjoy her.

That's it.
That's all.
That's all I've got


karen said...

Locker 69? Hmmm....

And where was a portapotty? I just can't picture you using a portapotty (well, I guess now I can...)

Gigi said...

Did he really have a speech about poop?! I would have died. But then again, I about died every time I was even just called on in class.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I am assuming there must have been talk of poop in his presentation?

And don't go private! I'm reading!

Larisa said...

I hated speaking in class too. And I thought I would comment because I am a (as of this month) new reader. So you may not see much of an increase, but people are finding you! I love the humor you bring to your posts!

mhart1993 said...

I get a stomach ache all the time for my kids too.....I figure they not have to stress because I am doing it for them!
And I pick locker #52, if that is in use #48

Jenners said...

Oh man … those songs take me right back to my college years!! Neneh Cherry!!!

Heatherlyn said...

I really love your blog! Don't go private. Someday I want to see pictures of your kids with their prom dates! It's been fun watching them grow up so far!