May 10, 2012

Life's a Bitch

Sometimes I lose myself. OK, 99% of the time I am completely lost in this journey called life. Getting through each day still breathing is enough to celebrate because some days I cant even put on my under eye concealer and wear clean clothes.

Keeping my children alive is cause for celebration lately, because I am only one {messed up} person.

One person who still has not figured out the balance thing. The getting shit done while being a superb mother at the same time thing.

Life is a struggle. Sometimes I just laugh about it because if I don't, I will end up in the corner rocking back and forth, humming show tunes.

I am a

and a human being who is trying her best to get through life one day at a time.

Even though it is so frickin hard.

How do you balance your life?
Do you find life to be difficult or a piece of cake?
Do I need to call my therapist again?
Or should I just bury my feelings with bon bons and alcohol?
Just wondering

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kristi said...

It is hella hard some days. Hugs!

Foursons said...

I had to go to therapy after my dad died. There was just no getting through the grief without help. Others can, I could not. Hang in there, I think you're doing great.

Cecily R said...

For me, life is a balancing act that I rarely feel on top of. RArely as in never. I just tell myself that if I were balanced, I'd be boring. :)


Gigi said...

You mean there really is such a thing as "balance?" Huh, who knew?!

TCMS Cooper said...

it's hard to balance everything especially with 3 kids. which is why i have literally NO time for myself.

chantal @tcms

Cathi said...

One day at a time. I've experienced the absolute worse and the very best. I find humor in all things and smile.

I am Harriet said...

Learn how to pick and choose your battles, what's the worse thing that can happen if something doesn't get done, appreciate every moment with your loved ones, and take it one day at a time.

Have a great Mother's day!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Definitely take it one day at a time - and in some cases, one minute at a time. :) Know that you are not alone. :)

Aloha Friday: Skype-in on Mother's Day

Lolli said...

Balance is my word for the year. My focus. It is NOT easy, and you know what? SO much stinks in my life right now. But there is so much good, too. I'm taking it day by day.

Jenners said...

We're all struggling at this game called life. If someone says they aren't, I call them a liar! A few bon bons never hurt anyone. Hugs.

JamericanSpice said...

I'm the same as you. Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to make it through.

Life. Yea life is like a knife.

Noner said...

There IS no balance to my life. For the past 3 years or so things have been spiraling downward, and the spiral is getting faster. I do good most days to manage to get out of bed and get dressed. If it were not for my son I would have given up entirely by now.

Maybe we BOTH need to call our therapists. (except I can't afford

Heatherlyn said...

It's really hard to find certain things in life:

happiness when dealing with hormones
lots and lots of money ;)

Some days are a lot harder to get through than others. Mostly, I blame this on hormones. They are tricky and sap my energy and make me feel sad even when I don't need to be. And yet, they are also pretty normal and not even out of whack. How is that fair?

But the fact that I've gotten through as well as I have so far I think has a lot to do with my testimony of Jesus Christ. And I'm really appreciative for the knowledge and direction I get through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It helps bring me back to the basics. And I think that everyone is entitled to that still small voice of personal revelation in their lives that gives us good ideas and promptings about what to do in our families.

But sometimes it is really hard, even when I know that I need to focus more on a certain child or issue exactly HOW to go about doing it.

I would like a little more clearer direction manual for my life sometimes.

I would like step-by-step directions for the best way to raise each child. Pretty please?

Sometimes life can be so happy. And sometimes it can be so. dang. hard!

Good thing bon bons are great in good times and in bad. ;)