May 09, 2012


I have a love-hate relationship with Mother Nature.
During the winter, she is not my friend.  Yes, it is beautiful to see snow falling on the trees, but when it is -30 and my boogers freeze instantly, it is not a pretty sight.
At this time of year I love her and would kiss her with the tongue if I could.
Maybe even make out with her.
Don't judge.

Walking outside my door with my pyjamas and rubber boots on is so much fun at this time of year, because I can find a pretty picture everywhere I turn.
Just not of myself.

I cant tell you how many times people tell me they have nothing to take a picture of when just walking around their home.
Think outside of the box people.
Look around.
Bend down.
Sit on the grass.
Look up.

The possibilities are endless.


Even in the depths of sadness, as I am right now, capturing bright colours and "new life" makes me smile.

At times I wonder how the world can just go on when my Daddy isn't here to live in it........

...but then I snap out of it and am thankful for the beauty still surrounding me.


The sounds....the colours....

....I just cannot get enough of it all at this time of the year.
Thank you Mother Nature.

Deep down I believe that appreciating every second, every sight, every bright colour and every breath I take is helping me get through this dark time.


And knowing that my Daddy is looking down from his beautiful new home makes me want to get outside to capture even more.



Gigi said...

You summed up MY relationship with Mother Nature perfectly! In the winter we are mortal enemies but come Spring? Well, I just can't hold a grudge against her after she shows up with Spring.

Gorgeous pictures!

Tanya said...

great photos, love the last one of that yellow bird!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Your pictures are very therapeutic captures indeed!

Carolyn said...

You have a wonderful way with words. Enjoying nature (like in your pictures) is, in my opinion, the closest thing to Heaven!

heyBJK said...

You've got some gorgeous shots here! Beautiful and very nicely done!

Nancy said...

Springtime really is full of possibilities... you've captured many of my favorites so well.

Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays!

Betty Manousos said...

i loved your post. nature inspires me in so may ways. i love spring, your lovely photos, your awesome blog.

everything here looks heavenly!
thanks for the enchantment!

Jennifer said...

My dad died in the spring too. I really hated birds and flowers and buds on trees and new green leaves and cool morning breezes that year. But it gets... well not easier, and not less painful, but familiar. I promise.

Jenners said...

I do think that spring might be the "best" time (not that there is a "best" time) to lose someone as Mother Nature does offer such beauty and feelings of new life and rebirth. I lost my mom two days before Christmas and it was just horrid. The feelings of loss while everyone else was so festive … the cold … the early darkness … it helped make my grief even more cutting.

Lovely lovely photos. You have a gift.

Heatherlyn said...

Your pictures are great!!!!!!!!