May 08, 2012


I enjoy random.
Mostly because I am full of random nothings.
And proud of it.
Some people discuss politics, religion, finances.
I talk about poop and other non-interesting topics.
But they make me laugh and that's all that matters.

Hubby and I went for a walk the other night. I was convinced we were going to be attacked by a bear and no one would ever know what happened to us because our remains would be in the belly of a beast.
But instead we met up with a porcupine and a few deer somewhere around here.

Duke the horse had a sore foot {again}.
Hubby spent hours and hours and hours nursing him back to health.
I am sure his next project will be building a bedroom in the barn so he can be even closer to his babies.

Studley the dog spends 99% of his life sleeping. I spend most of my time making sure he is still breathing.

Princess asked me to take a picture of her "posing". So I did.

....and again....

I miss my Daddy.
To fill you in on my sick way of thinking, when I read the obituaries in the local newspaper and see people who have passed at 80+ years of age, I get somewhat angry because at least they had 20+ years of life more than my dad.
At least their kids /grand kids had them here for 20+ more years.
Don't judge me. I am just a gal who misses her Daddy so much it physically hurts.

I am constantly amazed at how my boys can fight so hard that I think one of them might break a few bones....then 2 minutes later be playing so nicely, they actually seem like they like each other.

This is what hubby and I do when the kids aren't around.
It is fun.....and quite the workout.

Oh yeah. We might have free kittens here in a few weeks.
I think Smokey went and got herself knocked up.

Live and Love...Out Loud


Gigi said...

I enjoy's what I do best!

I think my Hubby needs a barn....and a bedroom in the barn. Because if I hear him snore ONE more time.......

And Princess? Well, she has the top model moves down pat!

Sending you lots of hugs. Just because.

And yeah, I'd totally be jumping on that trampoline too. I'd call it "exercise."

Mimi B said...

So much to comment on...I'd be afraid of being attacked by some wild animal, too. I'd sleep in the barn if he were my horse, that that face, my boys 8yo makes me take pics of him, and I bounce on our trampoline, too!! I have 3 cats, don't need another, but we're getting a dog!

Jen said...

Oh Studley..... *sigh*

Robert Nicolaescu said...

Beautiful series! Best wishes!

Em S said...

That's what boys do, isn't it?! Great post!

georgia b. said...

what a great blog you have... so much fun! i like that you don't take life too seriously and enjoy the random things in life... they are what make life interesting, in my opinion!

love your writing style... pretty funny. i arrived on your blog via the w.w. link-up on project alicia, and i'm now following! have a great day!

Jenners said...

Of all the snippets, I think my favorite is Princess posing! Love that little foot being lifted in the air!

Elaine A. said...

My princess and your princess need to get together. I think they are kindred spirits. :)

And sending even more hugs from down here...

Heatherlyn said...

I like random, too.

Kittens are so cute! Your kids will LOVE them!