May 07, 2012

A True Story.

I was remembering a time I was at a house party thrown by someone I had never met, but he knew who I was there with, so it was totally ok. I think. Anyways, I was remembering a bunch of us went out for a fancy dinner before going to the party and I had a baked potato with sour cream.

Except I think the sour cream had been sitting in a warm room for approximately 6 months before they served it to well paying stupid people like me.

Fast forward a few hours later as we sat at this party.
The rumbly in my tumbly began and I just ignored it hoping that it would just go away.
It didnt.
I waddled my way to the bathroom hoping I didnt poop my pants on the way and found about 7 people waiting in line.
Have you ever pooped your pants as an adult?
I wasthisclose until I completely ran in as soon as the door opened and before anyone could stop me.

It was kinda like this scene.
Except the toilet flushed {Thank goodness}.
And there were 7 very angry people standing there when I opened the door.

True story.
It was horrifying at the time.
Now.....frickin hilarious.

Watching this clip is what brought me to a full on belly laugh after 3 weeks of sadness.
Thank you Dumb and Dumber.

Lets discuss.
Share your poop soup stories so I can laugh some more.
And thank you.

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1 comment:

Jenners said...

If you count age 17 as an adult, then yes … I have pooped in my pants as an adult. (The culprit? Almost 1/2 a pound of grapes followed by a hike.)