June 03, 2012

Just Like Me

This girl of mine does not enjoy wearing shoes.
Just like me.
She would prefer to walk around barefoot outside...and inside.
Just like me.
This girl of mine loves to pick flowers, and always has to smell them as she does.
Just like me.
She loves walking around the property barefoot finding colourful treasures to put in a vase.
Just like me.
This girl of mine doesn't seem to care that the outside of our property is covered with poison ivy.
She still prefers going barefoot as she struts through the pretty greenery.
And tells me that she wont get poison ivy because "poison ivy is only for boys".
This girl of mine is stubborn.
Bull headed.
Just like me.
 then, she {snapped}


Emily Hope said...

you forgot to say "this girl is cute...Just like me" {me being you - not me}

Gigi said...

Poison ivy is only for boys?! Darn it, someone forgot to tell that to the North Carolina poison ivy!!

Jennifer said...

I really hope poison ivy is only for boys or she is going to be in a whole lot of itchy hurt.

Elena said...

Love this post; it's so sweet! Your photo is gorgeous; how precious!

Jenners said...

She looks like she is walking off into magic fairy land in that photo!

Foursons said...

What an absolute joy she is. Hug her tight, you've got a keeper.

Shannon Pate said...

What a great post!!!