June 27, 2012

How does my garden grow?

Well, I will tell you.
So far, so good.
But I hate weeds, and every morning when I check out my baby {aka garden}, I almost cry because the weeds are back.
Its like they have a meeting every night when I go inside and do the evil laugh because I just spent my afternoon pulling them out.
And then they all spend the night growing larger then they were before.

Do I put straw down in the rows between the veggie rows?
Do I hire people who enjoy weeding 24/7?
Do I just suck it up?

Anyways, here is the progress.

Grapes. Coming along nicely.

Kale. Awesome! But I know nothing about it. I am just determined to make kale chips. Someone tell me what I need to do so I dont have to Google it please and thank you.

Broccoli. Looks good so far but we didnt have any luck last year with it. Fingers crossed.

Tomatoes. Look at the flowers!!! Tomatoes arent far away!

Watermelon. Lookin good but we have never had success with them.

Squash. Yeah baby!!!

Cucumber. We always have lots of success with the cucs!!

Onions. Good, so far. As long as I dont pick them too early like I did last year!

Lettuce. Success!

Strawberries. There have been alot but they are very small, and we are lucky to get them before the critters.

Fruit trees. No sign of any fruit. This makes me very sad.

My plan over the next couple months?
To harvest the food that the weeds {and I} love so much.
Then set up a stand at the end of my driveway.
Wear my apron, Laura Ingalls bonnet and sell it all.
Maybe we can even get some chickens so I can sell the eggs.

Ok, maybe not.
But it would be good blog material right?

I am a country girl.
How the heck did this happen?
FYI....I do not actually own a Laura Ingalls bonnet, just in case you were wondering.


Betty Manousos said...

your garden sure looks amazing!
i'd love to have a garden like this!

have a great day!

Tamar SB said...

So jealous of that garden!! kale chips are so easy to make! Heat your oven to 400ยบ - toss kale pieces with olive oil (not too much) and some salt and pepper - then make sure its on a tray but not overlapping - start with 5-8 minutes until crispy!!

Raymonde said...

Vegetable and fruits planting is always so pleasurable and rewarding. Yours look great, here we've had too much rain it seems for fruits.

Have a great week. :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Enjoy your kale chips - looks like someone already answered your question!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Country life looks good ~ Lots of wonderful vegetables and fruits ~ Weeds are just the part of life to make us 'pay attention' ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

tiarastantrums said...

you don't want to keep the fruits of your labor? Do you freeze or can? We have a small garden and are so excited to see the blooms!

KC Squared said...

You're garden looks great! We are container gardening since there's no planting in the ground around our apartment. :)

My cucumbers are taking over their pot, the pot next to theirs and the one next to that. I need to find a way to contain them a little better :)

Jennifer said...

That lettuce is so very pretty.

joanne said...

really like the pics...those weeds - a daily battle.....they grow better than anything else!

Foursons said...

I don't have any answers to your questions, but I'd like to come over for dinner. :)

Nancy Claeys said...

Haha! My hubby always says I should set up a stand at the end of our lane in my bathing suit -- good gawd, like that would be helpful! Lol.

Mary said...

I have tomato blossoms just like that! I'm hoping for some fruit some day. hahahah good luck to us. I just became a follower, your newest for now. Please come by for a visit. Mary