May 31, 2012

C'mon in!!!!!

It's tour time again!
I know, you have been losing sleep because you are so excited to peek into every one's living rooms.
It's OK.  I don't judge.
In fact, I peek too.
I pin the wonderful ideas and plan on redecorating....
...then it never happens.

Because I am lazy.
And cheap.
And my kids wreck everything.
So when the brats grow up and move out, I have many wonderful plans for my home.
My house will look like it should be in magazines.
I will never have to clean up pee on my sofa or spilled milk on the floor.
There will never be another crumb on my kitchen tile or smashed toothpaste in the sink.
My toilets will be flushed after every use and my windows will no longer be covered in snot.

Then my grandchildren will come over.

I have participated in this link up a few times in the past and if you have viewed my rooms before, I apologize, because nothing has been changed.
Our home is very neutral in colours. Sadly, I am scared of alot of colour on my walls and prefer neutrals because it is so easy to work with. If we change our furniture, wall decor or knick knacks at any time, it will all probably match the neutral colour of our walls which makes it easy.
I enjoy easy.
And I hate painting.
That's just me. You might think I am crazy.....or just a wimp.

We had our home built 4 years ago and were lucky to have a builder/contractor who knew his stuff. We would give him our thoughts and then he would go with it and bring it all to life. I was secretly convinced that my husband would ask our builder to marry him if I wasn't 9 months pregnant at the time....and if our builder wasn't already married.
Our builder built ceiling beams and our fireplace mantel. They look rustic and stuff because he made them look that way.
I know. I would have married him too. Maybe we could have been like Sister Wives, but instead had Brother Husbands.
The Builder, The original husband...and me.
Just a thought.

This room is cozy. There is nothing better than sitting in this room in my comfy pyjamas with a fire roaring, reading a book.
Let me re-phrase that because I have never actually done it.
I am sure there is nothing better than sitting in this room in my comfy pyjamas with a fire roaring, reading a book.
With three young children, it is impossible to sit and read while they are awake. One day I will try it out and let you know how wonderful it is.

My decorating style, as you can see is simple and easy. I enjoy family pictures and natural elements. I don't enjoy clutter because it collects dust and I hate dusting. If you have any ideas to pass on, feel free.........
This is usually covered with DVDs/video games and other crap, but I cleaned it up just for you.
I also dusted.
You're welcome.
As you can see, this room is full of dark furniture. To me, it looks very masculine and I have threatened to add in some "girly" elements so people know that females actually live here. I just don't know how to go about it without it looking tacky.
Pink cushions?
How about a pink blanket to drape over the sofas?
OK....bad idea.
If you look closely, you can see spilled milk on the leg of the sofa.

Oh wait, I forgot.
There is already pink in this room.
It is Studley the dog's Disney Princess couch bed.

So there you have it.
My simple, cozy, masculine, dark living/family room.
I am convinced it looks like a room that Hugh Hefner decorated.....just alot smaller.....with cheaper stuff...and no good looking creatures.
Unless you count Studley the dog.
All he needs is the silk robe.


You can check out many more living rooms on Friday over at Kelly's.
And then come back for more over the next few Fridays.
This link up will give me the motivation to keep my house clean.


Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful living room! LOVE your dog. Gorgeous! : )

Gigi said...

I love it! I remember you doing this last year and thinking I needed to play along this year. I'm still thinking about it.

Katherine said...

I love the wood beam. Wish I had one.

Samantha said...

Lovely wood beam. Dropping by from Kelly's Korner, also from Ontario!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of all the beautiful fireplaces on this Home Tour...lovin' the stone!

Elaine A. said...

Your home is so pretty and cozy. Love the stone fireplace. Oh and Studley's beautiful bed. ;)

Natasha said...

I'm such a nerd because I did lose some sleep getting my post ready for this tour! I was super-excited because I've never done it before and because we just moved to Ontario from Alberta a month ago so now I get to show off our new (rental) house :)

And your post made me laugh out loud a couple of times! I didn't dust for all of you though. Sorry.

Maydelin said...

I just lve it, for add some girly stuff yu can put there some tiffany's blue, thjat color looks great with the dark brown and sorry for my english i'm from venezuela

Kimberly said...

Your funny! I love your mantle. I do need help in that area.

Jenners said...

Oh … I love posts like this. And I love your house. Love Studley's dog bed!