July 01, 2012

Random Canada Facts on Canada's Birthday

I am Canadian.
A proud Canadian.

You want to know why I love my country so much?

Because we have poutine.
Bagged milk.

Canadian bacon.
Montreal Smoked Meat

And we are home to the best hockey players in the world.

We have Niagara Falls.

The CN Tower.

The mountains.
The Maritimes.
The prairies.
And the very cold Arctic.

Canadians are funny.
And friendly.
And good looking, if I do say so myself.

We made Jim Carrey.
And Shania Twain.
And Neil Young.
Ryan Gosling.
Justin Bieber.
And Drake.
We made Pamela Anderson.
Well, almost all of Pamela Anderson.

We have great tasting beer.
Even though I don't drink it anymore.

And Tim Horton's.
About 25 gazillion of them actually.

Our music is awesome.

Tragically Hip.
Sarah McLachlan.
Bryan Adams.
Gawd, I enjoy Rush.
Michael Buble.
Justin Bieber
And Celine Dion.
Even though she looks weird when she pounds her chest.

We are home to Anne of Green Gables.
Man, I loved Anne of Green Gables.
I wanted to be Anne of Green Gables.

Our health care system.
You should be jealous of it.
Because there is nothing better.

Need I say more?

Oh yeah.

Our national animal is the beaver.

Everyone say beaver together.
Now lets giggle like 9 year old schoolgirls because we just said beaver.
We have loonies and toonies.

We have a Prime Minister....not a President.
Provinces instead of States.
More lakes than anywhere in the world.

We invented Ketchup chips.
And the telephone.
And many, many, many more very important things that the world needs to live their lives happily ever after.

It is a wonderful place to live.
You should come.
I bet you wouldn't want to leave.
July 1 is the birthday of my country.

Happy Birthday Canada.
Momma loves you.

And, just for fun, a song I love {that my hubby hates}.

{{Thanks for the pics Google images}}


Gigi said...

First you taught me about bagged milk - which still boggles my mind. Then you educated me on poutine. And now you inform me of ketchup chips?!

Happy Birthday Canada!

Emily Hope said...

We even invented the garbage bag! We're super smart.

John Deere Mom said...

Bagged milk is crazy. I would have such a mess on my hands. And what are ketchup chips? And why is it called bacon when it's clearly ham? And I think we are all very jealous of your health care system, especially given the health care law that was just passed here.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am a proud Canadian who giggled at parts of this post! thanks!

My Heart said...

As a fellow Canadian I found this delightful...a it made me grin...