July 03, 2012

Another "first" successfully accomplished.

Confession time.
I am happy summer holidays have finally begun.

I know.
My kids are finally at an age that I enjoy.
Most of the time.
They are finally at an age when they can do alot for themselves and don't need Mommy for absolutely everything.
As much as I love the baby stage, I really like right now.

the first weekend of summer vacation was spent at my favourite place in the Universe.
I will admit I was very anxious/apprehensive/sad to spend time there without my daddy, but sucked up the tears and successfully made it through another "first".

Yay me!
Yay Mom!
Yay family!
We did it.......
but yes, I still looked many times to see if dad would be pulling up on his motorcycle. I did think of dad complaining about barking dogs every time Studley barked at nothing. I did want to see dad sitting in his lawn chair with his shorts, collared tshirt, white socks and sneakers. I missed sitting with him on the boat.

But I am sure he was there.
There is no way he would miss out on the fun.
Just because he wasn't there physically, doesn't mean he wasn't there....
I mean, really......there is no way he would miss out on his son doing this.
And his granddaughter doing this for the very first time.
He was there.
And that is why we pushed ourselves through the weekend with smiles.
Thankful for family.
At my favourite place.

Live and Love...Out Loud


Susan said...

Oh what fun pictures!! I enjoyed this.

And yes...each season is full of great things with our children.

Happy 4th of July!

Elaine A. said...

Yep, he was absolutely there! That looks SO fun. I miss lake fun like that!

Chris said...

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Gigi said...

Without a doubt he was there - and enjoyed seeing all those smiles.

Dumb Mom said...

Good for you guys. It looks like you all had fun, and of course he was there! He never missed your firsts before, right?!