October 04, 2012


For the gazillionth time, I have hurt my ankle badly after doing something stupid.
Apparently my ankles are weak.
And prefer to not hold me up, but, instead collapse from underneath me when I miss the last step at 2am when taking Jersey the dog outside to poop.
I have also hurt my knee, other foot and possibly broke a toe.
I am convinced God hates me.
And, to be honest, he is not in my good books right now anyways.

Send booze.
Heavy drugs.
Strong pain meds.
And new ankles.

Thanks muchly.
*Have you ever had cankles?
*How do I sexy them up?
*Can you babysit my children and dog while I recuperate?
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Foursons said...

Oh girl- you need a personal assistant NOW! Maybe you can train the dog to go in cat litter box in the middle of the night so these kinds of things no longer happen.

Lindsay said...

Omg, I've done that before and honestly, it hurt more than when I broke my arm! Sending hugs for a speedy recovery.

Elaine A. said...

Ouch!! What did you do? I am so sorry. Hope you heal fast. But in the meantime enjoy the drugs and wine!!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

OUCH!!! That is really swollen. Here's hoping some booze comes your way ;)

Gentri said...

Oh no! I'm sorry! :/ I had a broken toe once... and my ballet teacher still made me do pointe. Pain.

How to sexy up a kankle... add a bow? Or some lace? Maybe some corset leg warmers?

Gigi said...

Oh wow, that is one swollen ankle! I prescribe staying off it and having everyone else do your bidding.

Lolli said...

Ouch is right!! I hurt my ankle (and my opposite knee at the same time) almost two years ago. It was so painful and it lasted for so long!

Jenners said...

Oh no!! That looks awful!! And I'm sorry to say that I don't think it is possible to sexy up cankles. I've tried.