December 05, 2012

I like saying the word nifty.

Blow Me.
I don't use the phrase often, but think that should change immediately just because it is so funny and ridiculous.
And if Pink sounds cool singing it, then I should probably sound a tad nifty saying it.

"Hi Vikki. How are you?"
"Blow me"

"Hey Vikki, you look mighty fantabulous today in those comfy pants and that ripped sweatshirt."
"Blow me"

"Your dog is hurt again?"
"Blow me"

"Isn't it wonderful walking through the mall making your way through the Christmas season crowds?"
"Blow me"

"Don't you love it when you order three items online and only 2 get shipped?"
"Blow me"

"Mom, I need new indoor shoes.
I lost my gloves.
My snow pants are too small.
I hate this dinner.
It's 9pm and I have homework."
"Blow me"

I feel so much better now.

Mama’s Losin’ It


Kim said...

I may just have to remove "bite me" from my interior dialogue - your selection is far superior.

Great song!

anotherjennifer said...

Ha! I think I'm going to respond to all questions and statements today with "blow me" and see what happens. :)

Emily S said...

I think we should all try that for a day. It would make for an interesting one, wouldn't it?!

The Sweet Spot Blog said...

I love Pink! Can't believe she got her body back so quickly.

Carol said...

It would be fun to hear if you start using the phrase "blow me" and what responses you get. Maybe another post?

TMW Hickman said...

I can see a few issues that might creep up from using that particular phrase... :-)

Elaine A. said...

You crack me up!! Glad you were able to get that off your chest... ha!