December 11, 2012

Big Foot

I don't post anything for a few days and I lose a follower!
Geesh...the pressure to keep you guys happy is going to cause me to drink.

Lets discuss feet.
I hate feet.
Baby feet I love.  I can touch, squeeze and even nibble on baby toes, but once those baby feet become stinky, boy feet, I don't want them anywhere near me please and thank you.

I believe God is punishing me for hating feet by giving my 8 year old, man-sized feet.

My feet----8 year old feet
The 8 year old wears a men's size 10 boot.
Hold me.
Not only does he have stinky, man-sized feet.
We now have to spend a frickin fortune buying his footwear every season.
I am losing sleep wondering if he will be a size 18 by the time he is a teenager.
Will we have to special order his footwear like rich basketball players do?
Except we aren't rich.
His boot----my shoe
Will he have to go out and get a job at the age of 9 to raise money for his Big Feet Fund?
Are kids going to tease him?
Or will they be terrified of him?
One thing I do know.
The girls will love him.
You know what they say about big feet.........
Did I just say that?

Live and Love...Out Loud


Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Oh my goodness! Look at that huge shoe! lol Good luck during the teen years. I've got a couple of big foot kids myself. :)

Foursons said... He has HUGE feet! I think you ARE going to have to special order his shoes, that boy has a LOT of growing left in him. Geesh. Maybe you should play the lottery.

Gigi said...

*snort* Yes, you did say that and YES it made me laugh!

Fair-weather followers; who needs 'em?

Jenners said...

You're raising a Yeti!

Sarah S. said...

lol... "*snort*
Did I just say that?".... made me laugh. This also scares me a little, the things I "might" have to worry about as my son get's older.

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Oh my. Reminds me of a puppy with big feet. they do seem to grow into them. Hang in there mama. Big boys still love their mamas.

Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

How is that possible? At EIGHT. Is he 10 feet tall, too??? Oh boy.