January 08, 2013

My family loves sleigh rides. I love deaming about warm weather....and bon bons.

I was all ready to write about my thoughts yesterday while at the track running 5k{ilometers}.
Yes, that's right.
Track and 5k were in the same sentence.
Don't laugh.
I'm trying my hardest to get off of my ass and get all healthy and stuff, when all I really want to do in this gloomy, horrid month is shove bon bons in my mouth all day long.


That post will have to wait because I forgot to take pictures.
I do not like writing without photos. 
Don't judge.  Its just a little quirk of mine.

So, lets talk about winter.
I hate it.
If hubby got a job offer anywhere south of Kentucky, I would have our bags packed in approx 34 minutes.

But it probably wont happen, so, instead we go for sleigh rides in the freezing weather.
Notice how happy the kids and the hubby are?
Me? Not so much.
Sure, its pretty and stuff, but when my bum cheeks are numb, all I can think about is a beach.
When my boogers are frozen while still in my nostrils, all I want is a girly drink and a lawn chair.
But not the rest of my family.
Hubby has made a trail through the forest and at the back of our property.
I am convinced he will build himself a small house back there so he can spend the winter driving horses and doing whatever those wildernesswinterlovingmen do.
Me? I will be in my warm, cozy house dreaming of white sand and ocean sounds.
I was going to say "in my warm, cozy house eating bon bons all day" but that would totally mess up the "track" and "5k" thing.

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Linda! said...

Totally spectacular team pulling the sleigh! With jingle bells even :) Hubby must be tough - bare hands.

Kiddos out enjoying the snow - gotta love it!

Melissa Hopper said...

Beautiful!! Did you ask to pet the horses? I would have.


Gigi said...

I'm with you - I'll sit in the warm house and dream about the beach.

Unknown said...

Wow, the horses look so fancy!

p.s. You now you're welcome down here anytime. We are only 4 hours from a decent beach. :)

Jenners said...

Your horses look so regal and magnificent! And this is such a classic sleigh ride! I would love to go on one sometime!

Terra Heck said...

I totally hate winter too but that looks like a fun way to pass the time in the dreadful weather. I'm not a fan of horses but those horses are absolutely beautiful. I've been working out too in order to get in shape, although it involves as little running as possible. I don't like to run unless I'm being chased.