January 06, 2013

What We Do in Canada.......

Apparently I am becoming a person who used to blog.
Don't cry.
I am still alive.
Just a tad busy and overwhelmed with everything I need to get done.

My basement is a write-off.
We bought a new filing cabinet last January and it still sits empty.
My photo albums are way behind.
My recipes are scattered throughout my kitchen.
We need groceries.
I have two recently spayed barn cats living in a cage in my basement temporarily.
I own three children.
And a dog who is determined to send me to the crazy house.

But.......we went sledding.
It was fun.
And my back still hurts.
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Gigi said...

That DOES look fun! Why aren't there any pictures of Momma?

Foursons said...

Yes, where are the pictures of YOU?!

You got some spectacular shots though! I love snow pictures, the lighting is always so perfect.

I don't blog anymore either. *insert sad face here*

Jenners said...

That is some serious sledding! Love the faces!!

Anonymous said...

OH that does look fun! Love the intense faces while flashing down the hill... love your pup! Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #64!

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

your dog is beautiful, those photos are aww-some and blogging with any regularity is overrated (that's what I keep telling myself anyway). xo

Anonymous said...

Fun photos!

Elaine A. said...

I wanna come up just to go sledding and then return back to my warm Southern-ness. That's totally possible, right?

Yes, let's talk memes. Something about photos? North and South? ;)

Tas D said...

That snow looks so deep and a lot of fun!!