February 14, 2013

I Think he Might be an OK Dog After All.......maybe

Take a seat everyone.
I have a huge announcement to make.
Prepare yourselves.
Hold on to whatever it is that is in your hands because you might just jump so high while screeching out "Amen" s and "Hallelujah"s.


Jersey hasn't gotten us kicked out of obedience class.
This is huge, people.
After the first week I was sure they were going to inform us that he is a lost cause and to never bring him back into their establishment.
After the second week I was pretty close to doing the ugly cry in the corner while Jersey ate a small dog beside me.
After the third week I breathed because we made it out alive.  Myself, the instructor, the other dogs.
And after this week he was the best behaved dog in the class.
OK, maybe the second best dog...out of three.

He is starting to get it.
And I am starting to come home after class without drinking myself into a drunken stupor.
Everyone give me an Amen.
And a Hallelujah.
He sits.
He stays.
He isn't trying to eat little dogs {as much}.
He lays down.
He drops it.
And leaves it.
And doesn't show his teeth when barking at other dogs {as much}.
Thank you Lord Jesus.
In fact......
he actually relaxes so much that he releases foul smelling gas for the entire time we are there.
Everyone does it.......
Two more weeks to go.
Pray for us.
He hasn't quite grasped the "Come" command because there are so many distractions {dogs, people, toys, cracks in the floor, air, flies on the wall, invisible unicorns......}
I don't care though.
As long as we can walk around other dogs and people in public places without them being terrified, I will consider it all worth it.
Because he really is a nice dog......honest.
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The Lovely One said...

He got huge over night! It seems like just last week, you were posting pictures of him as a little puppy!

Heatherlyn said...

German Shepard dogs are very very smart dogs. He'll be able to do whatever you want him to do. Good for you for sticking with the training. That is the best gift you can give yourselves and your handsome doggie.

Buttons said...

He is handsome and yeah. B

MTWaggin said...

Progress in 3 weeks is awesome and some things just take longer...it will happen! Keep praying - LOL

Anonymous said...

Goog God! Next you'll be setting up play dates at the off leash park for him. Seriously. ; ) Yeah, I know, one more thing to have to do. Patty/BC

Elaine A. said...

He sure is handsome too! Glad to hear it's going better...!

Maria Gagliano said...

What an adorable pooch! Love the shots with snow on his nose
If you want to check out my snowy shots there are http://www.mariasspace.com/2013/02/let-it-snow-let-it-snow-let-it-snow.html

Jenners said...

Perhaps Studley is channeling his spirit via Jersey's gas!