February 12, 2013

The View From Our Sleigh Ride

Today I went to a chiropodist. {aka foot doctor}
A few years ago I would have told you that I will never, ever step into a chiropodist office because they deal with feet and feet are gross and chiropodists exist for old people with yucky toenails and calloused....eww.....

But, then I injured my foot running a week ago and can barely walk...still.
So I bit the bullet and went in.
It was me and the 80+ folks in the waiting room.

Basically my foot is screwed up.
Probably more screwed up than an old man with yucky feet.

But I will tell you about my injury another time because I am too depressed about it all.

Instead I give you my view from our sleigh ride with Ike and Duke the horses.
Its what my family does on the weekend.
Through the forest behind our home.
When there is alot of snow.
Pee break for Jersey the dog.
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Emily S said...

Looks like fun! Sorry about your foot!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ohhhhh! I love sleigh rides! It's been years since I've been on one, though. I'm jealous of your snow - Nemo dissed us last week and gave us nothing. So I'll have to enjoy your snowy shots - which are all beautiful and brilliant! :)

So sorry about your foot issues... ((HUGZ!))

Hot Chocolate Dragon

Jill said...

Beautiful Pics! Sorry to hear about your foot :(

~ Jill


Candy C. said...

Your horses are gorgeous!! Looks like ya'll had a good time out in the snow. :)
Sorry about your foot, hope they can fix it.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

This is beautiful! I went for a sleigh ride for my first time over our winter break. It was great - yours looks like a lot of fun!

Tina´s PicStory said...

so beautiful pics! love the horses :)

Carol L McKenna said...

Fantastic horses and sleigh ride ~ handsome sons ~ hope your foot is better soon ~ Wonderful photography!

Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Gigi said...

It looks gorgeous...but cold. Very, very cold. In fact, I am now shivering.

Hope your foot heals up quickly. I knew that nothing good could come from running.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

hey, i hopped over from Boost-My-Blog Party! nice to meet ya. have a great <3 Day!! big hugs. ( :

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I hope your foot feels better. I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous horses. Thanks for joining in with the Boost My Blog hop!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

visiting via BMB party and enjoying your blog. I'm going to take a picture of your working horses and show my lazy beasts how well off they have it! a sleigh ride with Ike and Duke sounds wonderful!

Buttons said...

Oh I am sorry about your foot. I love your photos and it looks like so much fun. Visiting from Valentine day Boost your Blog Party.
I do hope 80 people wait was not too long:). Happy Valentines Day. B

Nancy Claeys said...

So sorry about your owie Vikki -- hope it feels better soon.

Thanks so much for joining us at the BMB party. :)

Patrice said...

Following you from the Boost my Blog Party at A Rural Journal. It was good to see your horses hitched. We have some elderly Percherons. They are now meadow muffins. I hope you will come visit my blog. www.everydayruralty.com

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your injury... it an be depressing.. LOVE that sleigh ride and your series capturing the fun... Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #2' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #3...

She Who Carries Camera said...

what delicious photos!! can i ride, can i ride??! :-) so nice to meet you!