February 28, 2013

Orthotics and corgis

I am still breathing....barely.
It has been one doozy of a week and I will spare you all of the gory details.
Lets just say it involved sick kids, sick husbands and a dog almost eating a corgi.
God help me.
Anyways.............one good thing happened.
One that is going to change my life.
Maybe it will help me overcome the trauma of watching my dog almost eat a corgi.
Or maybe not.
But it's worth a try.

I am the new owner of orthotics.
At the age of 37.
I think someone is trying to inform me that life isn't all rainbows and unicorns.  When I start working on myself mentally and physically, everything goes to Hell.
I started running again.
And after two attempts at 5k, I couldn't walk.

I rested my foot for a week.
It got worse.
So I googled it and realized I might need my foot amputated.

Note to self.  Never, ever google health issues before seeing someone who knows your situation.
Anyways, I immediately made an appointment with a chiropodist and waited in the waiting room with 70+ year olds who had ingrown toenails and foot fungus.
Fun times.

What I found out.
A bone was dislocated.
And I have severely high arches which are causing me knee, hip and back pain.
The thumping of my non-skinny body pushed my arches down, squishing my foot and dislocating a bone.

Custom orthotics.
I am officially an 80 year old woman who wears orthotics and sees a chiropodist.
But I don't care because she has changed my life.
Now, if only she could train my dog not to eat corgis.........
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Gigi said...

After the day I've had - which directly correlated with what was on my feet (and no, they weren't "impractical" shoes) I'd give anything to have something like that which would change my life.

Glad to hear you are on the mend though!

Regarding your dog attempting to eat a Corgi....well, I have no advice. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

We have crazy Emma. She is a 14lb long haired beautiful red- brindle dachshund. And she is friggin crazy. She was growling at kids, dogs, barking, snarling, jumping, acting like a rabid dog at 8 weeks of age. Thank God we have and no one else because if you were a first time dog owner she would have been dumped at the pound. I found a trainer who worked with me one on one as well as class. I also stuck her into daycare a couple of times a week with staff knowledge of her problems. She was young and still trainable, sweet with her family, trusting and loving with us. Much like your fellow. Psrhaps knowing you can train and manage them so they approach other people and dogs with confidence and restraint. There is light at the end if the tunnel, keep at it. She is now 4 yrs old and still goes off like a cracker at people and dogs going by the house, and we don't open the front door unless she is contained in the laundry room. She won't bite but she screams and barks and you'd swear someone was murdering her she carries on so. I hope my story is helpful to you. I think your big goofy boy needs to learn manners and socializing skills. Have a friend with an older dog, take your dog to their place, with a friendly muzzle and let him socialize I would also contact your breeder. Psrhaps he needs a visit with Mom and others to teach him how to behave. If he gets treat training, perhaps a more basic authority training (listen to me, watch me) is what he needs. No single method of training is best, but keep at it. Glad you found a solution to your foot, leg, hip pain. I found out I had fibromyalgia! Not what I wanted to hear, but helm, sometimes life craps on you and you have to start shovelling! xo Patty/BC

Rudy Rukus said...

You're funny! I feel old all the time too and I don't even have to wear orthotics yet LOL

MTWaggin said...

I bet if you asked many of your friends, you would find they too are wearing those (another of the unspoken things we do - heehee). If it helps then who cares it's a new fashion statement!

Jenners said...

Hey … whatever works!! Why no photos of Jersey with the Corgi in his mouth, huh?