April 23, 2013

A Jersey Update Because I Know You Are Curious

Jersey is almost 9 months old.
It feels like we have had him for 7.75 years, but who is counting?!

I feel the need to give you an update on our life with the biggest test of my life.
I would take a colicky baby over this beast any day, but that is kinda mean to say, so lets pretend I didn't say it.

Since the corgi attack {which I also like to call "The day that brought about my PTSD"}, Jersey the dog has been in hardcore boot camp with the Drill Sergeant who is an expert in canine behaviour.
He has come so far.
And we have learned so much.

He is a reactive dog. Basically he overreacts to certain stimuli.
Certain stimuli=anything that moves.
He has a dominant personality.
Let me correct that. He tries to establish his role amongst the pack and does not just sit and roll over when around other dogs.
He has high prey drive.
Basically, he wants to lunge at anything that moves. Not necessarily to hurt it.......unless it is a corgi.
This is Jersey when glaring at his prey just in case you wanted to see.
You're welcome.

Jersey the dog is brilliant, which is part of the problem.
I have only dealt with dumb dogs in my lifetime, so trying to train a dog who could quite possibly be smarter than me, is tiring.
He is also much stronger than me which makes it difficult to keep control when he is losing his mind over a moving broom.
Or vacuum.
Or rake.
Hold me.

Jersey the dog is handsome.
I never thought a dog could be anything but cute, but Jersey, well, he is just so frickin handsome that I find myself admiring his perfect German Shepherd features constantly.
Don't answer that.

Jersey the dog enjoys digging.
And eating Barbies.
And stuffed animals.
And Little People.
And Nerf bullets.
And my shoes.

He is protective.
Wherever the girl child is, Jersey is right there beside her.
Usually eating her toys.....but that's better than eating her, so I am OK with it.

We are getting there.
When will I be happy?
When he can sit at my feet in a room full of people who have calm dogs sitting at their feet, without trying to eat them.
When I can vacuum without him showing his teeth at it.
When he is neutered.
When my PTSD is gone.
Peace out.

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Foursons said...

I think Jersey and my dog, Rocco, would be best friends. Rocco...is psycho. And when I called a trainer about him I was told it would cost us way more money than I am willing to fork over because he is so far gone. I tried to give him away on FB. No one wanted him because I've blabbed to much about his antics.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

That is one hell of a handsome animal. In fact, I feel self conscious when I walk with him because I know everyone is looking at him and not me.

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

That was my hubby. Not me commenting errr ummm bragging about the dog! Just sayin.

Lindsay said...

When is he getting neutered? That might help...we do early neuters out here (cat was done at 2 months old). My friend had a crazy dog too and he calmed down sooooo much after his knackers were gone. Good luck to you guys!

Gigi said...

Despite how handsome he is if he ate my shoes he'd learn REAL quick who the alpha dog is in this house. Signed, a major shoe lover. ;-)

Anonymous said...

yes, neutered, get it done now! He should not be kept for breeding, goodness no! The vets cando it before 6 months as long as they have dropped. He is acting on his hormones and you can certainly do without that!

Dimple said...

Hi! Nice to meet you, and Jersey. I agree with those who advocate early neutering!
He is handsome!

Cyndy Newsome said...

I agree with you 100%. That is one GOOD LOOKING dog. I'm glad you're making progress with his behavior.
I stare at my gorgeous bulldogs and take loads of pics of them. They are handsome boys!

Jenners said...

Jersey is a handsome boy … and it seems like he knows that! A strong-willed dog can be a challenge, but your trainer should help you to live with him. Plus age should mellow him out. (And neutering … but we won't talk about that.)