April 27, 2013

A Mid Week Wagon Ride

Poor Ike and Duke have been neglected lately.
Aside from being fed, a few rubs on the nose, "Hello's" in the morning and bringing them inside at night, the poor beasts haven't been doing much "work".

So they were quite excited to go for some mid-week exercise.
They enjoy it.

Many people think that horses don't enjoy pulling wagons/sleighs etc, but, now that I am an equine expert, I am absotootly sure that that isn't true.
At least when it comes to Ike and Duke.
They love it.
I think they love it because they get so much attention.
From us.
The kids.
The neighbours.
The cars driving by.
The kids playing outside of their homes.
The dogs sitting outside their homes.

I mean, really.
Not everyone gets to see such beautiful {happy} creatures trotting by through their neighbourhood.

Especially when there are cats and a German Shepherd dog along for the ride.

My life is a freak show.
Weekly Top Shot #80

Camera Critters


eileeninmd said...

Love the horses! I always enjoy seeing happy critters! Have a great weekend!

bettyl said...

Those are some lovely photos of your horses. I'm sure they had a good time being put to work.

Chel C said...

I love seeing horses along the roads either pulling carts or with riders. Fantastic photos. Chel

MTWaggin said...

Your life is NOT a freak show, it is indeed amazing and one many of us would love! I am so in love with those two horses!

Cyndy Newsome said...

That sounds SO cool!I love reading your blog because it's not the typical mommy stuff and I get to live vicariously through you with horses and your gorgeous german shepherd (without dealing with horse poop and corgi attacks - LOL!).

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

Gorgeous horses!

Anonymous said...

I love those big draft horses. Ike and Duke are a handsome pair!

Pia said...

Your horses are beautiful! I love the photos. Also the photo from the cute cats!

LisaS said...

Such beautiful horses! I've seen ones like yours at our town parades and they do seem to enjoy all the attention...

JOY @ http://joysjotsshots.blogspot.com/ said...

enJOYed your shots, esp the double head shot and its special effects.

Amanda | Wildly Simple said...

They're beauties, and I strongly believe it's true that they enjoy their work!
I believe most animals live for the work they do.
That cats along for the ride are sweet. :)

Karen said...

Lovely shot of your horses, I am very fond of horses these guys look very happy.

Anonymous said...

If its a freak show, it's a big and small furry, happy one (aside from the ahem corgi incident with you know who...) ! Patty/BC

Anonymous said...

What beautiful horses! I am surprised the cats like to go along for the ride. How fun!

Gracie O'Tripp said...

Love these shots of the strong patient horses and that cute black cat with flashlight eyes. What a pleasure.

Ida said...

What wonderful horses. I can imagine the looks you would get taking these out. Especially with cats and a dog along for the ride. Loved seeing these.

Nikolay Argirov said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the horses! They are great! I Lovely cats as well. I wish you and the animals a good weekend!