October 29, 2013

Animals are therapeutic.........ok.....not ALL animals.

Today when I woke up before the sun, there was frost on the ground....on the leaves still hanging on for dear life and on my flowers that were unbelievably still blooming.
This makes me sad.
For those peeps that don't know me, I will let you in on a secret.
I hate winter.
I hate cold.
I hate snow.
I hate wearing socks.

Dear Husband's Work.
Instead of offering him a position in Fort McMurray, Alberta, maybe you could relocate to Texas and then transfer him down there.
Just a thought.
From His Wife Who Hates Cold Weather

Because I was sad, I walked out to visit the horses, hoping they would somehow cheer me up.
Animals are therapeutic, ya know?
I completed a ginormous research project on that subject in college which totally proved it.
But that was before Jersey the dog and Cindy the pony.
They are a few of the many reasons I need therapy.

Anyways, while outside (where I could see my own breath), I kissed and loved Ike and Duke.
OK,  just Ike, because he and I have a special bond.
A bond so tight that I can call him Ikey Wikey and even kiss his lips.
A bond so tight that I can get him to pose for photos.
I mean, look at this. He is totally posing.
Duke continued to eat.
And Cindy, um...is  snob.
Cindy the pony is that girl in high school who you really wanted to be friends with.
All you wanted was to hang out with her for abit so she could find out that you really are a cool person.
Cindy is that girl who all the boys follow around.
She is the girl who hangs out in the coolest hallway of the school and everyone goes to her because they want to be included in "her group".
She is the girl who turned her head the other way and pranced away with a little hair sway and butt wiggle.
God, I hated high school.
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Gigi said...

No, you do NOT want to be relocated to Texas first. First you want to be relocated to North Carolina where you can slowly get acclimated. Because I'm here to tell you if you move from Canada to Texas without some kind of acclimation, the heat and humidity will kill you...trust me.

Besides, I'M in NC...what could be better?

genie said...

Just look at that horsey pose...yes, he definitely loves his mom. I grew up in south Florida so love warmth. First lived in Asheville, NC, and almost froze to death. For 35 years I have been in western VA, and it is perfect here. Warm and cold...a nice mix.

Nancy Claeys said...

Beautiful photos and fun commentary as always Vikki -- thank you for sharing them at Tuesday Muse. xo

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Haha - I'm with you on the high school thing! I'm one of those weird people who love winter - but I get it when people say they don't. The trick for me is to get outside. Your horses should do that for you - so maybe it will be better than therapy - here's hoping :-)

Lmkazmierczak said...

GReat horsy shots♫ As long as it is sunny out I can take some cold weather....but I'm not ready yet for snow! http://lauriekazmierczak.com/xoxo/

Anonymous said...

Your photography is excellent and I love all your horses ~ they intrigue me as well ~ Very creative post for Rurality ~ Am not a big fan of winter ~ rather enjoy Fall ~ keep warm and thanks, carol, xx

Jeanne said...

Such a acute post! I do live in Texas ( 75 here today). Now that is not too bad, but wait until you hit 70 days of 110. Wow! I would happily trade houses then

Sally in WA said...

Great post!