November 04, 2013

Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Word up, peeps.
Guess what month it is?
It is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, which means it is time for me to get all "lecture-y" and tell you all about it and how much it sucks ass and how much it has affected my family and how much I want everyone in the world to stop smoking and how much I want harmful chemicals to be replaced with roses and lemons mixed in with a little bit of vinegar.
Wishful thinking?
But I will keep wishing until I can no longer wish.

My daddy had lung cancer and I cannot stress enough how horrible it was to watch him go through it.
My daddy passed away April 17, 2012.
It will be forever known as the worst day of the 365 days in the year for me.

This is a picture of my Daddy as a young boy.
I know. He was the cutest.
This is a picture of him as a {young-ish} man.
Still the cutest.
I know.

He should still be here.
Lets talk about this monster that took him from us way too soon.

Most of the world believes that smokers are the only people who will get lung cancer.
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong, my friends.
The truth is, that the rate of new lung cancer diagnoses in people who have never smoked is rapidly increasing.
No one gets a "free pass" with lung cancer.

Exposure to harmful chemicals.
Hereditary factors.
Second hand smoke.
Air pollution.

Any of the above affects most of us, which means that we are all at risk.
And if you read the statistics, it is effing scary.
Maybe next week we can discuss them.

But in the meantime, be very aware of the air you are inhaling.
Feel free to share any info about lung cancer in the comments section
on my Facebook page.
The more info/stories we can get out there, the better.
P.S  I miss my Daddy.


Foursons said...

Your daddy was so very handsome. I am sorry you and your family had to live through the horror of watching him pass away from something that is totally preventable. ((Hugs))

Gigi said...

Sending you hugs; I know how much you miss him!

Buttons said...

Oh I lost my Dad to lung cancer in 2007 and it was also the worst day I have ever had. He was smoker but also worked in a factory that had asbestos in the ceiling he just wanted to feed his large family, he was a good man he should still be here too. I think of all those who should still be here. I am sorry for all who still are here and miss them everyday. Hug B

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.
We lost my father-in-law in February to lung cancer.
My dad was a life-long smoker until earlier this year, he FINALLY quit after open heart surgery. And my husband quit in January. I'm so proud of both of them!