October 18, 2013

Random Photos. Random Crap.

Howdy doody!
Guess what time it is?
Are you ready?
Hold on to your granny panties, because it is time for random crap.

The excitement is too much for you to handle, isn't it?

This week has been pretty uneventful.
Hubby is still working non-human hours, so, it's just me and the kids....and Jersey the dog....and the horses.....and.....umm, you get the jist.

Last week I told you I was addicted to Breaking Bad, but I forgot to mention my other favourite show.
OHMYGAWD, people. You must watch it.
Then you must question and be suspicious of anyone on the computer because they are probably not who you think they are.
I mean, for all you know I could be a 67 year old single man who lives in Tokyo.
It freaks my freak out to see how dumb people are.
They love people they have never met in person. They send these people money and naked photos.

Dear Child of Mine
When I asked if your pregnant supply teacher was young, you told me no.  Then you said she was about my age.
Love Mom

This is what I want to do when my favourite song comes on.
Ok, I totally do that.

Oldest son is almost 12 and I am pretty sure that hormones are taking over his body.
This scares me.
This makes me want to run away for a few years.
I am thinking about starting a support group for parents of children going through puberty.
I will serve alcohol and bon bons.
Who is in?

There was a snake in my grandma's basement on Thanksgiving day.
I peed my pants a little when my brave Uncle brought it upstairs to show everyone.
Dear Grandma.
I love you, but I will never, ever go in your basement again.
Love Vikki

November is coming up soon.
Stuff happening in November.
My 13th wedding anniversary.
Trip to Disney.
Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Learn about it. Then we can talk about it, because it is an evil monster that needs to be cured.
My Daddy's tree.
I miss him.

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Buttons said...

Oh you make me laugh I love that.
I miss my Dad too same reason he left me in October it was hard and I am still angry about this lung cancer thing. Take care.HUG B

W. Latane Barton said...

I love your sense of humor. Your post brightened my morning.

Lynn said...

What a funny post,super photos too, and I have a friend who would join your parents of puberty club, do you speak french ;-) and I sorry you've lost your Dad...

Karen said...

Beautiful autumn photos. My dad was taken by lung cancer also. He planted a maple tree in our yard when we first bought our house. I call it dad's tree.

Kim Stevens said...

hahaha, loved that guy dancing, I may laugh all day from that alone and people will look and stare ...bring it on! lol

augcott said...

Your posts seem to just make me laugh ... out loud!!! :-D
That guy dancing .... had me in stitches. And ummmm.....yup.....I do that!!!
Love the red leaves on that tree....beautiful!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

"All the lonely people, where do they all come from?..." I cannot believe what trash people will believe; it's worse than sad, it's criminal. As to that guy dancing, if I didn't that I'd be in a wheelchair and that wouldn't make the animals very happy. Me neither, come to think of it.
visiting via a rural journal.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Love that last photo of the red leaves! Thank you for sharing your humor and thoughts at R5F this week.

Foursons said...

Jakob turns 12 on the 30th. I'm in for the club of moms w/kids in puberty.

I miss my dad too. ((hugs))

Suzanne Lucas said...

Loving the random crap. That's the best kind.

Now following you on Bloglovin. I'm Suzanne from Times Squared. Nice to meet you.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Totally in on the alcohol and bon bons party.
I love that Catfish show. It's mind-boggling, how gullible people can be!

Quixotic Magpie said...

My 13th wedding anniversary is in November too! Lol. November 4th. Happy Anniversary!

Catfish scares me too!! I have a friend who went and stayed IN LONDON with a person she had only met on the internet. (We live in Michigan) I was like are you crazy!!!! She was fine but I was scared for her!