January 03, 2014

Favourite Photos of 2013. We spell "favourite" with a "u" here in Canada.

OK, I am not going to lie, but getting back into this blogging thing is kinda like...ummm...hard.
I mean, what do I write about?
What do people want to read?
How can I stay authentic to myself while making everyone happy?
The stress is creating zits and pimples on my middle age face.


That is hilarious because I always have zits on my face.
Just breathing causes my skin to break out, but whatever.
Maybe one day I will talk about zits....
....and poop....
....and maybe other gross bodily functions because that stuff is hilarious.

But today I am sharing my favourite photos of 2013.
Just because.

Sooooooo I went through the few thousand photos I took last year and picked out my very favourite from each month.
It was hard.
Not because all my photos were wonderful, but because each photo reminded me of the exact moment I took it.
Each moment=my life.
I cherish the moments/people/animals/memories even if some of them were horrible.
I don't care what anyone says.
There is nothing I treasure more than my photo,s and,  if you're one of those people who takes a picture and never prints it, shame on you.  One day you will regret it and so will those younger than you who want to know all about the moments in your life.
Deep thoughts.
You're welcome.

So here goes.....

Jersey the Dog.
Still alive after his many health and behavioural issues.
Actually, I think this photo was taken before the memorable corgi attack at the pet store.

My baby girl who still looked like my baby.
Something happened throughout the rest of the year.
She grew up.

Saying goodbye to my Daddy's beloved motorcycle with a gazillion photos.
"Biker Bob" as he was known in his biking circle of friends, loved this bike and had many plans for his retirement with this beauty and his Biker Babe {aka my Mommy}.
Enough about that because it makes me sad.

A moment between my oldest boy child and Duke the horse.
I remember this exact moment and the joy he felt as he led Duke up and down the driveway all by himself.

Middle child.
He is handsome.

My baby brother became a Daddy.
I fell in love with my niece.

My son with his 97 year old Great Grandfather.
The Great Grandfather who still packages up cookies and candy for the kids every time they visit.
The Great Grandfather who loves his Great Grandchildren more than anything.
My kids only living Grandfather.

My life in one picture.

The first day of school.
There were no tears. There was no stress. Only excitement about the year ahead.
My heart was happy.....because they were.

We have a patch of trees out in the horse pasture that I love alot.
One day I plan on having a pretty sitting area there so I can sit with my girly drink and bon bons and just hang out with the equines.

Just making more memories.
This memory included some moans and groans and "Mom, you're taking too many pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is my niece whom I fell in love with in June.
In December, I loved her even more.

And, just because I like to change things up once in awhile, I am throwing in one more photo.
I tagged along on my hubby's business trip to Alberta and fell in love with the province.

Dear Lake Louise.
You're pretty.
But cold.
I would've stayed longer if I wore better shoes.
And wasn't afraid of bears eating me.
Love Vikki

Happy 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Gigi said...

This post encapsulated your year perfectly! And after December's picture, *I'M* in love with your niece! Those eyes!

RaD said...

LOL! You had me crackin up there at the end.

So many memories in just one post. Beautiful ones indeed.

Suzanne Lucas said...

What beautiful pics. But that photo of your son with his great-grandfather? Priceless! It speaks way a million words.

Foursons said...

Don't worry about what you think everyone wants to read. Write for yourself first and everyone will come along for the ride.

I love your choices. You're right, each one tells your story, your life. It was a beautiful year, even through the pain.

P.S. Next time you go on vacation come on down to TX. I'll make sure it's the best vacation EVER. :) (And tell your mom I said hi!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you,photos should bring back good memories. Your pictures today tell the story of your year.

Linda W. said...

Great photo choices. Your kids are beautiful! Happy 2014!

MTWaggin said...

I remember seeing many of those photos on your blog and am so glad you shared them again. All bring me smiles as well!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Wonderful wrap-up....love the family shots. Happy 2014! http://lauriekazmierczak.com/new-year-happy/