January 06, 2014

Momma's Must Haves

Lets all take a moment to view this Photoshop collage thingy.
I made it all by myself.
It might have taken me a few hours and it might look very beginner-ish, but I don't care.
I did it.
My next life goal is to create a robot who cleans my house.
must haves.psd
Anyways, the purpose of this collage is to educate the masses on products I love.
The masses=you.
I am a simple human being.
A human being who rarely wears makeup and changes into comfy clothes as soon as I enter my home, but there are still a few things that even I must have in my bathroom.
True story. I used to think about posting photos of myself in my daily outfits similar to other fashion bloggers, but then I remembered that I am not fashionable.

So, you know, when an unfashionable, cheap  person like myself posts collages of things I love, they must be damn good and well worth the $$$$.
You're welcome.

1.  Nivea Cleansing Gel.  I am in my late 30s and still get zits.  But I barely get any now that I use this stuff.  Amen, hallelujah, praise be to the Zit Gods.  And, because I am fabulous at multi-tasking, I keep it in the shower so I can lather it on in the morning while cleaning the rest of my bodacious bod.  *snort*
This stuff is under $10.  Go buy it.
And then buy the toner, lotion etc.

2.  Emjoi Micro Pedi.  My life is complete with this in my life.  I hate socks and only wear them when I have to, so my feet get dry and gross.  I absolutely hate scraping my feet with pumice stones/sticks/boards and now I never have to again, because of this precious little treasure.  It is a battery operated foot scraper that buffs off all of the dry skin and other gross things.  True story.  I almost cried when I used it for the first time and the result was feet as soft as a baby's bum.  It costs less than one pedicure and runs on 2 AA batteries.
I want to be Emjoi's spokesperson.
You will not regret this purchase.

3.  Redken Curvaceous. I recently had my hair coloured at a very high end salon.  It was an experiment to see if they really do a better job........and I enjoy the 20 minute hair wash with neck and shoulder massage.  But whatever.  
I have naturally curly hair that has been my worst enemy for most of my life.  Frizz.  Awful texture because of mousse/gels.  I considered buzz cuts many times, but talked myself out of it because I have many dents in my head.  
Anyways, the overpriced salon guy recommended this product line and I hesitated when I saw the very high price tag for each item because I just spent a fortune for a hair cut and colour.  I ended up buying the Ringlet Anti Frizz Lotion and considered going back to purchase every single one on the shelf.
I will never use anything else.
And, now need a job so I can buy the other products.........

4.  Gehwol.  I have been using this stuff for years because of my dry feet.  After using the Micro Pedi, I immediately put the Salve for Cracked Skin on and my feet are in a state of pure bliss.  I want to show everyone my soft feet.  I want to post pictures of my softasababysbum feet on all social media.
I want to be Gehwol's spokesperson.
I need a second job to buy all Gehwol products.

5.  Blistex.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I cannot live without my Blistex.  Not the chapstick Blistex, but the squeeze out of the tube and apply with baby finger kind of ointment.  I have some in my purse, in my bathroom, in my kitchen and on my nightstand.  Its an addiction, people.
When you want to buy me a present, buy me Blistex.

You're welcome for that.

**Disclaimer.  I wasn't paid for any of these reviews.  I did this out of the goodness of my heart because I am a kind, generous person.

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Gigi said...

I'm with you on the Blistex front. That stuff is amazing! Nothing else can cure cracked, chapped lips like it does.

Now the other products...I'm very intrigued. I may have to pick up a few...you know, for research purposes.