January 07, 2014

My Future Might Involve Living in the Woods without Electricity.........

It never fails.
Every year when the rush of the holiday season ends, I end up in a funk.
Funk=winter depression
This winter depression involves lack of energy and motivation, alot of munching on leftover treats and the need to sleep alot and live in my fat pants.

But then once in awhile {which isn't very often this winter}, we get a beautiful winter day and I thank God I am alive to live in it.
Because its pretty and fresh.
And Ike and Duke are big and beautiful....
...and eager to pull children around on their sleighs.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone can bring out the horses and sleigh and spend an hour or two doing something many would pay big bucks for.
Sometimes I have to remind my children how lucky they are when they complain about cleaning the barn.
But I never have to remind my hubby.
This is the life he was made for.
Actually, I am pretty sure if he could live the life that Charles Ingalls lived, he would do it in a second.
....and Jersey the dog would be right there beside him.
Rurality Blog Hop #44


Laura Funk said...

Your photos are always soooo beautiful! I love country living and the simplicity of it all. Great post!

Linda W. said...

Beautiful horses! How fun! Hey, I'm your newest follower. :)

A View From A Brown Dog said...

Ike and Duke are so handsome. Love the photos and glimpse into your hood. Thanks for sharing

Carol L McKenna said...

What beautiful horses to have for sleigh rides ~ delightful photos and do hope you are feeling better ~ Winter and SADD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is no fun ~ sending lots of distance healing reiki hugs to you ~ carol, xxx

Anonymous said...

I have been on a horse drawn sleigh ride once. I would love to do it again. Yes, your family is lucky to share this unique experience.

MTWaggin said...

I absolutely ADORE this post!!!