January 10, 2014


Word up, peeps.
Its Friday and you know what that means?
Random nonsense.
My favourite kind of stuff because then I don't have to get all creative and make collage thingies that no one sees.
Geesh, I didn't think it was that bad.

Anyways, I am still thawing out after our week of -30 temperatures and snow dumps.
You know its bad when Jersey the dog doesn't even try to run away.
And its really bad when he pisses on the deck because he cant stand the thought of venturing out into deep snow.

So, lets get at it, shall we?
*I recently purchased a hair straightener iron thingy, but am too scared to use it, because I think this might happen.

*I have grieved the end of Breaking Bad and am now addicted to Dexter. The sister annoys me and is too skinny, but I enjoy the weirdness of Dexter. I also like that he kills bad people.

*Dear Courtney Cox. What happened to your face?
*Our heating bill was over $1000 this month.  So, we have been trying to warm the house with our wood burning fireplace to cut back on the cost.  I have been starting fires all week with paper and kindling.  Then yesterday I found hubby's fire starter logs. 
Now that I know I am a Girl Scout, my next goal is to build a shelter out of palm leaves and coconuts.
*This is my daughter.  She is obsessed with the movie "Frozen" and watches YouTube constantly.  Apparently she learned the words.......



Emily said...

K is the best!!!

Beth Edwards said...

i think you will be ok - if you only hold the curling iron on for a bit. & make sure the temp is not so hot. that has not happened to me ever?!? is that video real? i wonder?! now i am scared. but i don't curl as much as i did when i was in middle school & early high school. ( :


Ida said...

Oh goodness that Curling Iron thing is dare I say it....funny!
I one stepped on my curling iron and understood the expression, "Hot Foot" after that!
Wow that's one big heating bill. We've had a pretty mild winter here so I am not complaining.
That is one of the worst photos of CC I've ever seen.

Gigi said...

I straighten and/or curl my hair every day - keep it on a lower temp and you'll be fine.

Sarah Huizenga said...

One of my dogs had a big problems with peeing on the deck as well. Now we always watch him to make sure he goes down the steps.

Foursons said...

Dexter's sister on the show is his wife in real life. Well, I think they got a divorce but they were married when the show was being filmed.

Your heating bill made my jaw drop. Yikes!!!!

If it is raining my dog refuses to get his precious paws wet and will pee on the porch. He is a brat.

I straighten my hair all the time. Like Gigi said, put it on a slow setting, use a heat protectant spray and have at it.

Will y'all ever thaw out? Would you like to come visit next week? We will be in the 70's. I don't know what that is in Celsius, but it's beautiful. Perfect.

Foursons said...

That's "low" not "slow" setting. *face palm*

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

If I can use a hair straightener without doing major damage, anyone can.
I am floored by your power bill! Yikes!

Nancy Claeys said...

Something tells me the hair video was staged -- I mean, who would record themselves doing this?

And I agree about Courtney Cox. For the love of god... she and Meg Ryan need to have their heads examined.

Suzanne Lucas said...

$1,000 for the month? That's insane! You can practically heat outside for that price.

Hope your bill comes down next month otherwise you're going be living in "Frozen". Loved that movie BTW - the snowman and the reindeer were hilarious.