March 04, 2014

This is me trying to enjoy the little things in the midst of craptastic weather.

I am trying my hardest to enjoy small things as March enters with a big, fat, snowy roar.
I gave myself a little pep talk......ummmm....OK....I told myself to snap the F$%^ out of my funk and open my eyes up to all that is wonderful and sparkly and unicorn-ish and rainbow-y.
Then I ate a few {hundred} animal crackers because I am so addicted to them.

So, lets enjoy the small things, shall we?
Like animal crackers.
They are small and cute and oh so effing yummy.

I also enjoy watching Jersey the dog run outside in the snow.
It's snowy and -20 something, but he is completely happy running and jumping and burying his face in the powdery stuff I hate so much.
Less carbs make me feel better.
I think I have finally figured out that carbs and my body do not get along.
Bread makes me feel crappy.
Breadless sandwiches are deelish.
Less dairy.
Less carbs.
No soda.
No processed crap.
Give me a pat on the back for making this huge lifestyle change.
Hes kinda small....and pretty.
And he thanks his mom in his Oscar acceptance speech.
Thumbs up for pretty boys who love their Mama.
One of my perfect children is trying out for the school basketball team.
The same child who screamed at day camp, skating lessons, swimming lessons, babysitting, first day of school.
The same child who has anxiety months before any event or special occasion.
If he makes the team, I will certainly do the ugly cry.
And I will probably hug the coach and love him forever for giving my kid the self esteem he needs to love himself as much as I do.
Today I went to the dentist.
I had no cavities.
No tumours on my sinuses or jaw.
No bone wear.
No gum disease.
And I didn't gag while getting xrays.
Yay, me!
Spring is soon.
Amen, hallelujah.

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Gigi said...

Spring cannot come soon enough...says the woman who is not dealing with as much snow as you.

And yes, animal crackers are deelish. Am just realizing that I haven't had animal crackers in this house for far too long.

steph said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful pics <3
Popping over from #ruralitybloghop

bettyl-NZ said...

I've seen a LOT of snow shots these last few weeks but I think I like yours best. Really. Love the animals--I can see the dog loved the snow.

Lmkazmierczak said...

It has been a challenge to find optimistic words to accompany these winter photo ops! Love your horse shots.

carol l mckenna said...

Magnificent and creative photography ~ Jersey is so adorable and the horse photos are dazzling ~ all are great and here's wishing your son makes the team ~ thanks, xxx
ps. love animals crackers too and it has been a rough winter in New England too ~ been talking to myself a lot more this winter about 'Enjoying what is.'

artmusedog and carol

Ida said...

That first photo of your dog is fantastic, he's a very handsome dog. Also loved the shot of the Black horse in the snow.