May 30, 2009

A conversation with Rowdy

While playing in the sandbox. And on the swings.

"Mom, where does dirt come from?"


"How was earth made?"


"Why do we have hair?"


"How does water get in a lake?"


"Who makes tractors?"

"People at factories"

"Well then how do they get put together? And how do they get to the store?"


"How do TV shows get on our TV?"


"I am hungry. Lets go inside for a drink and some gummies"

{I think I handled that well, dont you?}

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Anonymous said...

perfect ... simply perfect roflmao!!

Jenn said...

That is hilarious! Sounds like that boy needs to watch some Discovery Channel. I think he would like "How It's Made"! The TV can answer questions for you!

mummyof5monsters said...

you handled that exactly as i would have,haha. Jais latest question is 'whats that cars name?'luckily ,of course, i know EVERY make of car EVER:)

Trudy said...

Well, you have quite the little thinker there!

Jenners said...

I loved this!!! I'm always stymied by my 4-year-old's questions!!! I've been asked:

What is the last number?
When will I die?
How did the first person get alive?
How big is space?

I feel like a total moron sometimes!!! He must think I'm an idiot but WHY IS HE ASKING SUCH HARD QUESTIONS??? Why can't he ask things like "what sound does a duck make? "How many sides in a triange?" You know .. things I can answer.

Love this post!

This IS The Fun Part! said...

You done good there, mom! My son came home 3 days in a row saying he HAD to have a "map of days". Finally, I called the teacher - - she wanted each student to bring in a calendar! He just couldn't remember the word.

That was about the same time he asked if I was a Pilgrim! Grrrrrr!


Heatherlyn said...

At least he gave you an out! You might want to always keep some gummies on hand! (I have a son that asks questions like that too. I often resort to telling him that I don't know but we can probably look up the answer on the internet!)