June 08, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Hello new week.

Goodbye old week. See ya later.

It was a great week. Things went smoothly. Nothing terrible happened. Everything was just hunky-dory.


Rowdy has not spent every night this past week crying at bedtime because he cant sleep.

He certainly does not blame God for making him a boy that cant sleep. And he does not blame God for making him toot and burp......and drink enough Sunny D to turn his skin orange.

This is not Rowdy (with Doritos on his mouth) making a sad face because he is mad at God.

We did not have toilet issues this week.

The toilet did not overflow.
Our basement floor did not get wet from our septic pipes leaking. Ewww

And we most certainly did not have to call a plumber.
If by chance we did have a plumber come by our house for a quick visit, he definitely did not spend an hour and a half taking our bathroom apart before checking our septic tank.
Butttttt......if he did check our septic tank he did not tell us that it was an emergency and we needed our tank pumped immediately because that would be silly.
Silliness, I tell you.
I did not call our neighbour who happens to own a poop-pumping truck company to come immediately to pump our poop tank.
Our poop pumper neighbour did not tell us that our tank did not need to be pumped for another 8 months and that the only problem was a clogged pipe that just needed to be loosened.


Because that would mean that the plumber did not need to rip apart my bathroom.

And charge me $150 for nothing.

Ummm....yeah. Silly right??

I think so.

Actually I think it would be enough to make me angry.

Next topic.

My 7 year old son has not decided to take showers regularly. Without me asking 22 times.

But if he did shower regularly he definitely.....absolutely would not have a "manly" routine to complete after each shower.

I mean, he is 7. So he does not put on deodorant and cologne. Geesh.

And Studley, he did not run away for the 18 billionth time. Because if he did that would mean that someone would find him....and call me. And that would also mean I would go get him and be happy to see him.

I wasnt.

Nope. Not me.

And just in case you are wondering.....

I do not drink {as much as I should}.

I do not have {many} wrinkles.

And I am {not} under stress.

My life is stress-free.

You believe me right???

Happy Monday y'all!


Trudy said...

Wow...sounds like quite the week you did NOT have!

Anonymous said...

Happy monday to you tooo... NOT!

Allison said...

Sounds like you are going to have clean kids!
Glad you had a great week.

Foursons said...

I think that plumber needs a nice hard whack in his knee caps! I'd be furious, furious I tell ya! And your 7 year old...too cute for words!

Heatherlyn said...

Oh wow. The septic thing? Gross. And plumbers? There are honest plumbers and not honest plumbers. Or, ones who know what they are talking about and ones who don't. I guess you know which list to put THAT plumber on. Eeew, though. I hate bathroom plumbing issues.

I think the shower routine is seriously funny.

And I'm sorry that your child ran away. I had a couple of brothers that were happy explorers. What a nightmare for my Mom. Little kids should just avoid the urge to wander out into the great world away from home. Isn't home interesting enough? Oh, wait, one of those kids was me!

Jen said...

Yeah, I believe you. You don't have stress just like I don't have stress. Now where the hell is that wine. ;)

John Deere Mom said...

Ooh, toilet issues. No fun at all!!!