October 29, 2009

Looking for the perfect costume is not an easy job.

So MamaKat has some Halloween prompts this week and if you follow all of the rules, you could win a Flip Camera. Since I just purchased a video camera and haven't followed ALL of the rules, I am probably out of the running. But that's ok. I still love her dearly.

Here is my poem to my spooky, scary kid that caused me great stress recently.....well, who am I kidding? He causes me great stress every single day.

But anyways.

We searched and searched and searched some more
For the perfect costume full of gore
You want to be the scariest boy
Wearing the scariest costume and holding the scariest toy

You said no to a vampire
And no to a ghost
No to a werewolf
You said no to most

"I want to be scary and say "boo" to my friends"
But Mommy thought the search would never end
She whined and complained and pouted and frowned
With chocolate and candy her sorrows she drowned

Until finally they looked one more time
And spotted the costume right next to goo and slime
You shrieked and yelled "That is the one"
"I want it. I want it. I want it please Mom."

So I scooped it up fast and smiled from cheek to cheek
At last we had our "treasure" so to speak
My son will be the scariest, spookiest kid in town
And I will be the happiest Mommy around!

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WackyMummy said...

Cute! Very creative. I love stories set in rhyme. =)

Amy said...

This is amazing. I am not sure I could do this.

panamamama said...


Foursons said...

Make sure to post a picture, I can't wait to see it! Great poem, much talent you possess girl.

Kekibird said...

I'm impressed. I could never do the rhyming thing. I always think of words that don't rhyme.

Jen said...

that was very good. I am glad that you finally found, 'the one'. Can't wait to see what it is.

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally found THE costume! Hope you'll post what it is; now I'm curious :-)

kaye said...

hooray for mommy! and that was a great poem. If you want to come on by here’s my story

Lourie said...

I love poems of every kind. This was totally cute. And, of course the part about drowning your sorrows in chocolate was the clincher for me. haha

Night Owl Mama said...

I loved this very creative! thanks for sharing.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

That's a cute poem, very creative! I liked that candy line about drowning your sorrows.

Heatherlyn said...

That's a cute poem! Your little boy sure must know what he wants!!! Thank goodness for chocolate! :)

Erin said...

Great Poem....can't wait to see pics!