March 16, 2010

So Random.

Random. That's me. Full of it actually.

Random thoughts roaming through my mushy Mommy brain. All of the time.

I mean, I am a stay at home mom so the majority of my thoughts involve cooking, cleaning, poop and vomit.

Random huh?

Man, I miss the days of commuting, listening to my tunes in the vehicle and having uninterrupted meal times.

Ok...not really.

Well, maybe just a little bit.

*When my youngest child dumped a bag of milk on the kitchen floor, I convinced myself that after 6 years, being a stay at home mom is not for me. But when she fell and ran to Mommy with her arms out wide, I realized how lucky I am to be the one she runs to.

*As I was cleaning up the milk and wondering who thought to put it in a bag, I remembered that it is a Canadian thing. Now if only a Canadian could invent an "unspillable" bagged-milk-pitcher. And then send me one.

*While trying on clothing in a clothing store and {finally} fitting into a size medium, I did a happy dance. In the change room. In front of Princess. In front of the mirror. Wearing a black dress and white ankle socks.

*Maybe there were a few tears too. Maybe.

*Farmville on Facebook. I don't get the fascination. Unless you're 10.

*I understand Adam Lambert wants to stand out and get some attention, but cant he tone it down just a little bit?

*Dear Children. I understand you love horses but pretending you are a horse and galloping throughout our house every single day is really annoying. Love Mom.

*I want a pretty camera strap like this one

*I was recently informed about an article in the New York Times. This article basically slams Mommy Bloggers and implies that our children are neglected because we are too busy blogging. I could get all angry and ticked off about it but instead I will say this. Mothers deserve to have a hobby. Mothers deserve to have something that is all theirs. Mothers deserve to have "me time". If blogging is the hobby that women want, then let them do it.

Does the article slam Mothers who work outside of the home? No. It doesn't criticize Mothers who join a gym, or a book club, or any other "hobby" that takes them away from their children.

I started blogging as a way to keep my sanity in this world known as Stay at Home-Ville. I started blogging because I enjoy expressing myself through words and pictures. I started blogging as a way to document my children's that if I am not around, my children know what their Mommy was like.

And how much she loved them.
Neglect? I don't think so.


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Mom in High Heels said...

Okay, how does bagged milk work? That's freaking weird. Canadians.
I agree that ALam is weird. I like his music, but he's on the verge of becoming ALamE.

Foursons said...

Yes, please post more on this bagged milk. I'm confused. And YES, that is hard to do. ;)

I am Harriet said...

I had to step away from Farmville...

Happy RTT!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! There is nothing wrong with writing a Mommy blog. Shut up NY Times! :)

Cecily R said...

I have to agree with everyone else on the whole bagged milk issue. HUH? Gracie tried to put milk in a ziplock bag for a picnic once, but that idea was quickly quashed in favor of a bottle with a lid by yours truly. Maybe Canada needs a mean mom too.

I don't get Farmville either. Or any other FB game for that matter.

The NYTimes article was bitter and poorly written. I would totally just blow it off as bad journalism, but I know Tiffany Romero and I feel badly that she was made to seem so silly and trite (she IS silly, but not in the way the article made her out to be). Anyway, you're right. What's wrong with having a hobby? If we lose ourselves completely in our kids so we don't have an identity, everyone loses.

Just call me Yankee said...

Mommy blogging is great. It connects us all. And I agree with the farmville thing, I don't understand it.

CaJoh said...

I have never heard of bagged milk. How do you pour it? I would think that you put it in a pitcher after you get it home, but I'm just a dumb American anyway.

Happy RTT!

♥ Kathy said...

Bagged milk? wow. And thank you. I swear I get more requests for that than anything and I always hit ignore. Happy RTT!

Heatherlyn said...

I've seen bagged milk once at a restaraunt-type place; they used it to fill the milk dispensing machines. I'd hate to have to figure out how to pour from it!

I can relate to so much of what you said in your post. Being a Mommy is so unglamourous, and sometimes not much fun. But then it is sooo worth it.

And you are absolutely right about Moms having a right to blog! For real, like these posts take more than a few minutes to put up and more than a few minutes to read? They don't. It's a great way to document a lot of things and be connected to people going through similar expeirences not to mention help grandparents who live far away to see what is going on. It's a LOT less time-consuming than scrapbooking, or exercizing. :)

Shana said...

I am so interested in this bagged milk concept. Strange. Now when my half sister went to Guatemala she said their bottle water was in little pouch type bags. Cool.

Anonymous said...

It's weird, I read the same article and didn't get that feeling from it at all.

I like bagged milk in Canada- it's my second favorite thing when I visit, the first being the chip stands. Heaven.

Terra H. said...

I know some people that are absolutely addicted to Farmville. I'm not knockin' it, but don't quite get the fascination either.
Learn something new every day; I had never heard of bagged milk until today. Not sure I'd be a fan of it. Happy RTT.

Jennifer said...

I too am intrigued about the bagged milk, thank you though for posting the pick cause a i was reading i was all huh bagged wha...o whoa what tha. haha! ya my brain was processing only my coworker gently put it brain went on Spring break and left my body behind! Dang thang better send me pictures or a postcard! Im following you now happy RTT!

Gigi said...

Bagged milk???? Why? Is it better than milk in cartons or jugs? Is all Canadian milk bagged? What other liquids are y'all bagging up there? Why is this not on the news? These are things Americans want to know about!

Julie from Momspective said...

I love that I can sit here eating and read about poop and it has no effect on me :)

Jenners said...

Milk in a bag????? You Canadians are weird!??! (Just kidding. But milk in a bag seems weird. How do you pour it????)

And well said with your response to the mommy blogger article.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I love that I ended up reading your clarification about the bagged milk so I wasn't confused. You know, unlike how I'm normally confused anyway. ;)

I agree about Adam Lambert - tone it down, dude!

And you're right - the NY Times article slammed SAHM - there are so many other 'hobbies' that take the mom away from the kids so focusing on blogging moms wasn't cool. Besides, we all deserve a break now and again, don't we? It's a new millennium!! :)

Hilary Lane said...

I read that whole post, but I am totally stuck on the milk thing. Milk in a bag? How does that work? How do you get it out? Is it cheaper than buying milk in a jug? Can you even buy milk in a jug? I'm pretty much amazed!