April 29, 2010

Boys and Dirt

Excuse me while I bitch.
I am PMSing and feel the need to vent or I may just put my shoes on....get in my van.....go for a drive.....and not come back.

I am sick and tired of dirt.
I know. I know. Boys and dirt go together.

But I just cannot take the dirty fingernails anymore.
And the dirt encrusted shoes....
...the grass-stained jeans.....
with holes that mysteriously (cough) get bigger.

I cannot take the "holey", dirty socks.
The shoes full of sand.
The nose-picking.
Dirty boys.

I'm tired of cleaning up after them.
Fighting with them to shower.
Fighting with them to change their underwear.
I am tired of walking in their room and smelling dirty feet.


{vent over}

{Thanks for listening/reading}

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Cecily R said...

I'm with ya! Except I'm sick of Toddler mess. If she plays in one more bowl of cereal and comes to be with her innocent face to show me her messy hands I might scream.

P.s. I love the dirt picture.

Gigi said...

Oh bless your heart! I know what you mean. I'd tell you it gets better....but it doesn't. But on the bright side? At least now it's not a war to get him in the shower - seems like he is ALWAYS in the shower.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Preach it, sista! My girls will take 3 baths a day & my son would never take one if I'll let him.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh no! And Spring has just sprung. I always feel like May is super wet and messy even though they say it is April. I hope your mud dies down quickly :) Great picture. I love tractors and all things farmer : )

Sierra said...

UGH! I feel the rant you're raving! The boys here are dirt tracking, wearing,loving guys too and in the spring it is always the worse.

Foursons said...

*sigh* Hopefully it will be warm enough soon to spray them down w/the hose outside.

Elaine A. said...

Um. You know it's only just beginning, right? I mean they aren't even teenagers yet. Ew.

Love me! ;-P

Emily said...

I hear ya! Vent away, sister! And it's not just boys that are messy. I was disappointed to find that out...we don't call her "Melody Mess" for nothin'! :)

Chris said...



Out of fear for my life -- not to mention my gender -- I'll keep my comments as neutral as possible.

Here's hoping that next week is much cleaner and girlier for you. :)

And I like your picture!

Shana said...

I just had to laugh at Chris' comment and I to agree with you. I am sick of dirt too and my hubby is the worst well, not with the showers and all that but with tracking it in.

blueviolet said...

I'm glad I had just one boy then!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

If it makes ya feel any better, I have a daughter that gets just as dirty, sand filled and smelly as her twin brother --- maybe even more so! I feel your pain, but the dirt that you photographed, that dirt, I'd go play in! :)

Run DMT said...

UGH! I know what you mean! Girls are no sunshine and roses either. We've got butt-picking and dirty fingernails here too. BLAH! :-P Move over, sister! I'm joining you on your dirty bandwagon. lol

Great post! :-)

Jenners said...

Today after my Little One's bath there was a literal ring of dirt around the tub so I hear you.