July 27, 2010

In His Shoes

This is me.
Actually these are my feet wearing my 6 year old son's Crocs.
My 6 year old son's shoes. Did you catch that?
Not 16. Not 26.
This should tell you a bit about my son.
He is a big boy.
Not fat. Just solid.
He has big feet. Or I have really small feet.
He also has huge hands.
And thick legs.
And the cutest, mushiest, chunky bum you have ever seen in your life.

I look forward to my big boy growing bigger.
So I can see what he becomes.
What he accomplishes.
And who he protects his smaller siblings from.


WackyMummy said...

Wow! That's amazing! I thought my boy was something when I noticed in the shoe store that the shoes he was trying on were bigger than the six year old just down the aisle. He was 2 at the time. Now, I think his growth rate has evened out, but man! Your "little" guy! I'd love to hear how big he gets all grown-up! I'm sure he'll be a great protector to his little brother and sister. =)

Foursons said...

What size shoe does he wear?

Gigi said...

LOL-yeah those sturdy, solid little guys turn into HUGE HULKING teens vey quickly. Ask me how I know. I bet he'll be a great protector very, very soon.

The Princess? Let's just say she won't have too many boyfriends coming to visit!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Wow. My little guy has big feet too. Not that big yet but he is only 3.

Rachel said...

That's too cute! And amazing. My guys feet aren't my size -- yet -- and he's six as well. Someday.

Octamom said...

So cute!


alicia said...

Whoa. Those are some big feet your boy has... watch out world. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I bet he's going to be TALL! I was just teasing Princess Nagger yesterday about how her feet will eventually be as big as mine... ;)

WW: Birthday Celebration

blueviolet said...

That's pretty amazing! He's gonna shoot up to the sky!

Elaine A. said...

Well, at least you can share shoes.

For now. ;)

It will be interesting to see where they go...

The Ranting Mommy said...

Aren't chunky tushies the cutest??? Love the shots. The perspective is perfect. Thanks!

Muthering Heights said...


If kids are anything like puppies, I'd say he's going to be quite the strapping specimen!

Jenners said...

Well, in his defense (or yours), Crocs do give you quite a bit of leeway in the fit department.