August 31, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Momma

Hi. Remember me? I am the gal that writes on this here blog. I am the gal who usually writes everyday. Apparently my children have other needs than just food and water and I had to be a parent for the last few days.


But I am back.

Save your applause.

"Mom, why are you taking a picture of shoes?"
"Because I am trying to think outside of the box and take pictures of different things."
"You make no sense Mom."
"I love you son."

"Move away from Studley before he shakes!"
"Too late."

"Rowdy, please stop splashing your sister."
"Rowdy, please stop splashing your sister."

"Ok, I just want to get a nice picture so give me your best smile."
"Princess, that is yucky."
"Ewww...don't drink the lake water."
"Princess, come get your juice."

"No fanks Mom."
"Rowdy, why are you walking around lifting your shirt up?"
"Because I want to."
"It can't be very comfortable and doesn't really look that great."
"Yeah, but the chicks* dig it."

*chicks (hot girls)


Mom2anutball said...

Chicks dig it?!
Too funny!

Gigi said...

Now that is a boy with some confidence! You'd better hide him from the chicks!

Foursons said...

Nothing better than a refreshing drink of lake water.

Elaine A. said...

You are in so much trouble with Rowdy. But you already know that, right? ;P

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great shots and children observations! I love the shoe one best!

Sarah said...

LOL! I love them all! The captions make the great pictures even better :)

Jenners said...

You've got quite the crew there!!!

And oh yeah ... chicks dig that!