November 03, 2010

Blogging regrets

So, I have this thing called a blog.
While raising two toddlers and finding myself going insane at times, I thought it was a good idea to get my thoughts out in writing.
I had this light bulb moment when I thought that expressing myself through my words might help me deal with the insanity that is Stay At Home Motherdom.
I was reaching.
For anything.
Except the psychiatric ward at the nearest hospital.

I decided that I would share my life, the good and the bad.....and the downright scary.  If people didn't like what I had to say, then that was OK.  Blogging was my therapy.

Along with happy pills.
And booze.

Along the way, I have written some doozies that I later questioned myself on.  OK, I have written alot of posts that were probably not appropriate to share.  But............ blogging is my therapy and sometimes therapists have to hear things that they might not want to hear.

You are my therapists in case you were wondering.

So after I wrote a post about my son taking a dump on the neighbours lawn, I was...umm....embarrassed and deleted it later.  I had visions of my son reading it when older and hating me for the rest of his life because the woman who gave birth to him and loved him unconditionally {even though he crapped in public} told the world he pooped like a dog.

OK, I am lying.  My husband was disgusted and asked me to delete it.  I thought it was frickin hilarious.

Then there was a time I dedicated an entire post to my razor.


Or the time I interviewed Studley.
Studley is a dog.
He doesn't talk.


There was the time I discussed my toddler overdosing on cough syrup.
Bad move.
Because it totally makes me look like the worst mom in the world.

But I guess interviewing my dog, writing a poem to my razor and thinking it is funny that my kid crapped outdoors solidifies the fact that the therapy isn't working.

Pass the booze.

I bet Mama Kat doesn't regret any of her posts because she is the coolest kid around.


Foursons said...

I have removed some posts that left me w/a bad taste in my mouth after publishing them.

Jen said...

If I was you, I wouldn't regret any of those posts because they are fabulous!

Queen said...

THAT made me laugh. I thought I was the ONLY mom whose kid pooped on the front lawn! Just the once... he never made it a habit. Thanks for giving me the topic for my next blog.... oh... right... he might not take to kindly to that. Guess I'll just interview my dog!

Shana said...

OMG Blaze totally pooped right at the foot of the ladder where he has to climb up to get to his slide. I about died. The of course I had to go pick it up because he has to walk there and I didn't want to clean THAT up lol. Boys.

Heatherlyn said...

That is exactly how I feel about my journals. Burn them all. They were just cheap therapy and don't actually reflect the whole picture of what was happening in my life when I made the entries. My blog, I'm more careful about, because my extended family reads it and I don't use it as therapy but more informational about our family life. I've been tempted to say what I think about what our exes do. Honestly, that would be far more entertaining. They are nuts.

I like your blog. I think it's funny. I totally 'get' that you have a sense of humor.

Erin said...

My oldest son talks about pooping on the lawn like the dog! HAHAHA I think that's classic! He has yet to do it, but OMG if he ever does you can be sure I will be posting about it!

Gigi said...

I understand. Blogging is a form of therapy. And although that was my intent from the beginning, it's never quite worked out that way - as I tend to over-think things (OMG, what if so-and-so finds this?? What will my bloggy friends think, if I say this!). So I will generally type out a whole post to get it out of my head. And then hit delete before I hit publish.

Hmmm, maybe I would benefit from therapy. Or more booze.

Shell said...

Those posts sound like they were hilarious!

We have to get all this stuff out somehow- that's what our blogs are for!

JustMom420zaks said...

I just read: "kid pooped on neighbors lawn" and had to sign up.
Count me as a new follower.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Yeah..I've written some I regret...but most of them are just too funny not to write about. And when my kid is old enough to care then he can yell at me. until then, they stay. :-)

Anonymous said...

Blogging is totally my therapy. I always feel better once the words are out of my head. And it's cheaper than booze.. lol. Or a therapist - you know the ones that come with a degree and stuff.

Jenners said...

That pooping on the neighbor's lawn picture is hilarious. But now don't you have to delete this post that references the posts that you had to delete?

My brain hurts.

Lee said...

OMG, I thought it was just me!! LOL, ahhhhhhhhh, motherhood. Why did I have kids again??

Twisted Cinderella said...

I think blogging is my way of finding people like myself, who get it, who read what I write (while nursing a cup of coffee in my fuzzy slippers and my housecoat) and nod their heads in agreement or who share valuable advice and opinions.

Kate Hayes said...

Reading this actually makes me feel SO much better, because I JUST wrote a post about my son pooping in the yard last week! While I was disgusted, the live-laugh-pull-your-hair-out part of me also thought it was hilarious! Don't tell your post also included pictures. ;)