July 19, 2011

He is still alive...


Studley is an old man dog who doesn't get up and down the stairs very quickly. He just doesn't move very quickly. Err...um...he just doesn't move very much at all.
Unless he is close to water.
Even seaweed-filled, lily pad-filled creeks.
Our almost 12 year old Studley loves him some swimming time.
If there is a body of water that he can see with his almost blind eyes, he is in it before we can yell "No".
But even if we yell "No", it doesn't mean he actually hears us because he is old....and almost deaf.
But anyways.
I love to watch my old man dog make his way around walking and paddling through the water.
He just looks happy. It makes me happy watching him be all happy.
And, in my somewhat depressed, warped mind I think to myself, "I just want Studley to live out the rest of his life happy."
"Even if it means he is all stinky and has icky ears from all of the swimming."
Just as long as my first baby is happy.
Sappy, I know.
What is happening to me?
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Elaine A. said...

Well, he IS your first baby. Let him swim all he wants... sweet old man.

tori said...

His sweet, old face is precious. I got my furry kid before I birthed a real one, and I feel exactly the same way!

Heatherlyn said...

Sweet pictures. I love that he is enjoying swimming through the lilly pads. And getting old stinks, even for a dog. :( I hope he can enjoy himself for many more years.