July 18, 2011

Boys and a Trampoline.

The boys want a trampoline.
They want a trampoline so badly that they are actually behaving themselves.
And they are doing things around the house to show us that they are "responsible" and "mature" enough to own a trampoline.
Just like they said before we got Ike and Duke the horses.  They haven't shown much interest in Ike and Duke since they walked off the trailer, into our barn.

But, apparently this trampoline is different.
They want it so badly that they "dream about it".
They even said that it would keep them busy so they wouldn't get on my nerves.

Imagine that.

Having children who play together outside all day jumping on a trampoline together.
Taking turns.
Because they are all responsible and mature...and stuff.

I am totally going to play this up until December when it is too cold to have a trampoline.
Momma needs a foot rub.
And a clean basement.
And children who get along.


Stella from Springfree said...

Your blog post definitely made us giggle.

When you eventually DO decide your boys are ready for a trampoline, we'd love it if you took a look at Springfree Trampoline - we're the world's safest.

Wishing you many foot rubs from your desperate boys...


Stella from Springfree

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Gigi said...

What a smart mama you are!

Heatherlyn said...

The trampoline was the single best thing we ever bought. The kids play on it regularly. They continue to play on it even as they are becoming teenagers. And you know what? They even get out their snow boots and jump on it in the winter time when it has 6 inches of snow on top of it!!!! So, from my experience, the money spent on the purchase of a trampoline is money well spent (of course, not of my kids have hurt themselves on it, either).