August 30, 2011

One Day the Kids Wont Embarrass Us. Just Not Yesterday.

Sometimes I don't understand myself.
I bitch and moan about things that tick me off, but I continue to put myself back in the same environment.
Last year I complained about the zoo.
Yesterday we went back to the same zoo.
Was I expecting it to be different?  No.
Was I expecting myself to react differently?  No.
Was I hoping to make memories as a family and see my children happy and un-bored for a few hours?  Yes.

Big mistake.
The day was basically the same shit but in a different pile than the last time we went.

Cost for 4 people to park and walk through the front gates-$82 (Princess was free)
So basically I was pissed off before we even saw one polar bear or rhino.
Cost for 4 people to eat burgers and fries-$39 (Princess ate some of our fries)
Cost for putting up with a 3.5 year old diva for the day-huge headache and the vow to never take our children in public again.

Memories were made.
And I plan to share them at our daughter's wedding. I might even throw a tantrum or 27 in the middle of the ceremony so she knows how we felt yesterday.
Just because I am nice like that.

Go see DumbMom for more Wordful Wednesday stuff.  I bet her boys behave at the zoo.


Karen said...

Oh my god, I BURST out laughing at that face!! Totally priceless....

Gigi said...

I remember those days. Take lots and lots of pictures. They will be perfect for the slideshow at the wedding!

Minivan Mama said...

You know what they say about's a .....

Jenners said...

Oh man … I feel your pain. And they say a photo is worth a 1000 words. That photos speaks millions.

Heatherlyn said...

Hahahahaha! You can probably save your tantrum at the wedding because you know that she'll have her very own princess someday and get to experience toddler-tantrums from your perspective finally!

And I totally agree that the cost of entry and meals to do ANYTHING with 4 people or more is enough to make a person grumpy forever!